Nikon Df with Dawn di-GPS PS10-M

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  1. Does anyone use a Dawn di-GPS PS10-M with the Nikon Df? I can find pictures with some of the other cameras it fits on but I'm curious if it interferes much as it sits alongside the left of the camera. It seems an awkward spot? Any feedback? Likes and dislikes?
    Cheers, Kevin
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    Had a job where I used a GPS enabled camera so that, theoretically, I'd be able to take the exact same picture before and after work was completed. A little notebook for recording camera settings and handheld GPS info worked far better. Suggest using one of your other cameras for / with GPS. The DF is sleek and elegant. Ex lenses and flash, I wouldn't add a thing. Just a though from a DF enthusiast.
  3. Appreciate the thought. And I may well start out that way. I do know however that I really enjoy being able to figure out exactly where I was after I come back from a trip. I'll click the link in Capture One and get ported directly to the Google map so I can add the right piece of metadata to the picture. But I agree the thing looks very slick. Can't wait to get my hands on it now...
  4. You can put a cable between camera and gps unit and attacht the unit to the strap.

    That's how i do it. The cable isn't very convenient. And my gps unit came with a strap attachment. And both gps unit and camera have a more secure plug than thise USB thingies.

    But why not just attach it to the camera itself? Looks less good? A slight trade in for additional function.
  5. My thinking was that I could use my di-GPS for the D850 and connect it with a cable to the Df. I'm not sure if I can find a 10 pin cable to something that will work with the Df. You mention a USB .. Is one end of your cable a USB plug into the camera? The other concern was the fragility of the GPS attached to the side of the camera with simply its native plug. Do you have a PS10-M and a Df? Or are you using some other combination?
  6. I forget what brand GPS device i use (and don't have it near), but the cable i need to connect it to my D800e and D810 has a small jack plug on one end and the Nikon specific 10 pin connector. No USB. I rarely use GPS, and have used it only with the two models mentioned.
  7. I found the unit, and i told a lie. The cable has an USB connector on the unit's side. The jack is a pass-through for a remote control.
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  8. Ok, that helps. I wonder if I can find a plug somewhere with a wire that has a female 10 pin connector ... So that I can use the GPS I have now (which needs a 10 pin female) to work with the Df.
  9. Since Land Survey precision is not required, I simply take a quick snapshot of the area with my GPS enabled cell phone. This captures the GPS data. Then I shoot the pictures I want with my D750 (if it is wildlife or another transient subject, I shoot with the D750 first and then the cell phone). As long as the time on the cell phone and the D750 agree closely, the images will be displayed near each other in Lightroom. I select the cell phone image as the most selected and the D750 images as selected images. Then I click on the SYNC METADATA button. I select only the GPS data to be synchronized. Now all my D750 images have a GPS location - perhaps not good enough for court testimony or to establish property boundaries, or call artillery fire :) but close enough for most practical purposes. You certainly would be able to find your way back or show friends where you had been. And who knows, you might get and interesting image with the cell phone.
  10. Oh believe me ... I've tried it all. GPS in the bag with the time synched, Nikon's app synched with the camera ... in the end it's too much hassle to then try and synch it all via Lightroom. I use Capture One these days anyways, so it's a bunch of extra steps. When I am traveling, I won't want to fiddle with all that. Right now, I turn the camera on, the GPS locks pretty much instantly if it's had a prior fix and I take the picture and move on. I'll have to do some digging to see if I can find a cable or buy a second GPS for the Df.
  11. I don't use one but since it's on the left side of the camera I don't think I ever put my hand there.

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