Nikon DF tethered - no images recorded to memory card

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  1. Hi guys,

    I tried tethered shooting in a studio yesterday and found it easy to set up with my Nikon DF and Lightroom 5.6. However I was surprised
    that no images were being recorded to the memory card. They all went into the computer only.

    The studio computer is not used for editing so it would be a lot better for me to have a copy on my camera's memory card as always. I
    figure that since you can buy memory cards with built in WiFi (I use a cable) and these cards come in various sizes, then something is
    supposed to be written to the card. But how?

    Also Live View didn't work which I would have liked but I suppose that's normal under these circumstances.
  2. In Nikon's Camera Control Pro, it depends on the camera whether the option of simultaneous writing to the card and the computer is supported: e.g. the manual mentions that on the D3s and D7000 (which probably were the newest models at the time the manual was written) there is a Record to selection in the Storage tab with options to select where the file is written (PC, CARD, PC+CARD).
    However, from reading Adobe forums I gathered that writing on both the card and computer is not supported with Nikon cameras in Lightroom. You could try another product e.g. CamRanger (I haven't used it but documentation suggests the files are written on card and can be transferred wirelessly to mobile device or computer; do check with the manufacturer before buying).
  3. Lightroom 5 is incapable of having cameras record to the card, it only imports the photos to your computer. You can set it up to record to an external drive though. You can also combine LR with a capture program like Smart Shooter, which can record to card and computer drive, as was discussed in an earlier thread:
    The program is cheaper than Camera Control 2 and available for OS X and Windows. SS seems more stable on OS X than CC2, but has some imperfections, as discussed in the previous thread. SS download here:
  4. "The studio computer is not used for editing.." - So you're just using it as an external viewing/reviewing screen, right?
    If that's the case then why use Lightroom at all? The camera outputs its rear screen image to the HDMI port during Live View use. Therefore using the computer as a dumb viewing terminal would seem to be the answer. Files would be saved to the camera card, and Live View would be operational. Add a remote shutter release and you've got most of the functionality of Lightroom with none of its foibles.
  5. Yes, I basically just want to see if I nailed focus so Lightroom isn't neccessary I suppose. The computer in question is a
    Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which is a device I deeply hate. Bought it for editing on the go and have found it horrible in nearly
    every way. Still it has Lightroom which people say is handy for shooting tethered, so it simply didn't occurr to me to use
    anything else. No Hdmi, only USB. But since the answer is that I would have to change the software, then yes, I'll have to
    try one of the other solutions suggested.

    I don't thing Camera Control Pro supports my camera. At least it isn't listed among the supported models. But now I know
    that it isn't a question of a camera setting or something else I have done wrong, so new software it is. :)

    Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. Yes, the camera will only record to the computer using LR. If you want simultaneous recording, you can use a Camranger.
    I love using LR to shoot with. You can also save the files to a network drive and have your other computer running LR automatically & continuously sync from that folder, too. It works well.
  7. According to the Df System CCP2 will work OK.
    Data for the software itself is circa 2007 by the look of it. It 'NOW' supports the D3 and D300!!
    Mind you, CCP2 is crap and way, way overpriced. Try ControlMyNikon5. It's stupendous.
  8. Did you tried the free DigiCamControl , it's Open Source. It let you zoom on PC screen to focus, show focus points .... and let you choose to save on PC, PC+Card or Card.
    It is pretty good and free. Give a try, it supports Df.
  9. Lots of great advice here, thanks!! I will check out every one of these options and see which solution is best for me.
    Perhaps even more than one depending on the situation.

    I like the remote control idea. For my Fujifilm camera I have an app for my iPad. Never tried such a solution for Nikon but
    I could have used it yesterday when the model didn't show up and I shot corny 'selfies' for an hour and a half and then
    went home. I was running back and forth adjusting focus and clicking off timed releases. But it was fun and I need the
    excercise. :)

    Thanks again everyone for excellent tips!
  10. Well, so far my conclusion is to drop tethered shooting altogether. It seems very limited and I can see how it will probably
    just slow me down. It seemed like a brilliant idea but is probably a bit more useful for something like product photography
    than for my general needs and moving locations.

    Control My Nikon is very advanced and I spent a lot of time watching instruction videos for different features but the
    software is too unstable and crashes on my computer with the latest Windows on it. Perhaps when it is updated. Smart
    Shooter seems a bit cumbersome to use for zooming and navigation and DigiCam Control would have been my favorite
    for its simplicity, except that the images it displays aren't sharply focused for some reason, and so in other words useless
    for checking focus. It doesn't help that the computer in question has a horrible screen for determining anything accurately.

    I think I will focus on the moment and contact with a model instead of tinkering with more cables and buggy software. I
    simply get too angry with computers that slow me down.

    But thanks again anyway for brilliant help and suggestions! :)

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