Nikon deliver D4 in Europa - YouTube D4 "Unboxing" (Opening the Box) Video

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by paul_b.|1, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. With a rocket?
  2. People that do unboxing videos need to get a life.
  3. People that watch the un-boxing video needs to get a life!
  4. That sure is a long trip just to get a D4 ..
  5. Lol people that post about un-boxing videos need to get a life :)
  6. Does anybody have links to some other unboxing videos?
  7. Does anybody have a link to a video that shows how to make an unboxing video?
  8. Cool idea for un-boxing videographers: An un-boxing of a laptop that is playing an un-boxing video of said laptop.
  9. So you mean to say you are watching a video of a laptop being un-boxing playing a video of the same laptop being un-boxed and that laptop is playing a video of that laptop being un-boxed to infinity? I think my mind has just been un-boxed :)
  10. I may be mistaken, but I don't think he unpacked it properly. Hopefully he purchases a second one and gets it right next time.
  11. If you try to look at the bottom of the box, you'll see it's turtles, all the way down.

    As for marketing, I think that should sponsor a Meta Unboxing Video contest, just to see how many irony-laced abstractions can be stacked upon one piece of new electronics.

    I think the objective should be to make the unboxing video so long that the piece of gear is obsolete by the time you get to actually turn it on. Maybe it could be a feature-length film, called Unboxing Helena.
  12. Ok, ok... don`t laugh. I bet in a few years this guy will have a place in any european Museum of Modern Art. His name will appear in specialized magazines, an there will be an authority pronouncing incomprehensible presentations about him.

    The latest "performance" I saw this way was an extremely long video about a drape over an open window in a windy day. Believe me, this unboxing video is way more creative...
  13. Matt. I love this idea. I'm trying to figure out how to make the box-opening last a whole feature length project though. Maybe we could do something more interesting. Like a fight\chase scene where the bad guys are trying to get it, and along the way, under extreme circumstances this accessory then that accessory falls out and we zoom in on the accessory, freeze everything, go into black and white (while the accessory remains color of course) and "paint" the words of the accessory on the screen with some really cool rock music jamming out. At the very end, all that is left is the camera which our hero finally pulls out of the tattered and beaten up box and "shoots" the bad guys @ 11 FPS and saves the day :).
  14. No, the thing is way more complex. I`m afraid you are not getting it. Pay attention to the words in this video, or this one. This is the way.
  15. ...At the very end, all that is left is the camera which our hero finally pulls out of the tattered and beaten up box and "shoots" the bad guys @ 11 FPS and saves the day :).​
    But here is the clincher at the end of the movie, the camera pulled out of the box, is the camera that was used to MAKE the movie.....
    The end of the movie would be watching the start of the movie on the camera LCD, with the viewer left wondering how a movie about unboxing the camera was made before the camera was unboxed.....
  16. 10 minutes to open a box with something inside you actually want?
  17. I'm waiting for the sequel - where he sends it back to Nikon because the pics he took of his cat in a dark closet look soft in the corners in 100% crops.
  18. Hey I got rooked. I had to go back to the unboxing video for my Nikon D7000. I didn't get no stinkin' SD cards at all . I'll bet those bums sold me a previously unboxed/reboxed/unboxed camera body !
  19. I am going to make one of these unboxing videos, twice as long as that one, only when it gets to the end I will pull out a cheese sandwich, no camera.
  20. "Unboxing video"?
    I expected a film of two guys in a ring not punching each other...
  21. Gup

    Gup Gup

    I spent half my childhood living in fear of 'having my ears boxed'.
    Maybe my Dad needs to see an unboxing video.
  22. I think he should return the camera...
  23. I guess when he does his next upgrade he will make a sequel.
  24. bms


    probably shot with a previously unboxed D800....
  25. I vividly remember unboxing my N70 in 1997. I opened the box, pulled out the form-fit packaging, and there was the camera, warranty slip and manual. It was all over in 10 seconds.
  26. "pulled out... ...was all over in 10 seconds"
    You guys don't understand the meaning of "foreplay" :)
  27. I'm happy to see the unboxer didn't make this mistake.

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