Nikon D90 / Metz 50 AF 1

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  1. My set up is this: Nikon D90 /Metz 50 Af1

    Camera: Manual 1/60 f4 ISO 400 flash in commander mode (trigger only) flash shutter speed at 1/60th

    Flash: Manual Servo

    Problem: with the flash at 1/128th, triggered by the camera (also at 1/128), my exposure is "fine". Once I increase the power of the flash I get a dark (underexposed image).

    An incident light meter proves my flash out put is increasing.
    A shutter miscue has been suggested, but I'm stumped.
    I'm quite new to working with flash at this level, and it has me stumped as I work through Strobist's; Lighting 101.

    Has any one else run into this kind of 3rd party conflict?

    Any thoughts?
  2. It's not a "3rd party conflict". The Metz, in "manual servo" mode doesn't do CLS.
    The D90 makes several flashes, a message to the remote flashes to do a metering sequence (which is a bunch of tiny flashes really close together) and another message to set power on the remotes, then finally, a plain old "flash" flash to trigger the remotes.
    Apparently, at 1/128 power, the Metz has enough power and speed to trigger from the messages and then trigger again on the main pulse. But when you turn the power up, it exhausts itself on the messages, and doesn't have anything left to take the picture with.
    Take the D90 off commander mode, don't use M ---, just use the plain old manual flash mode, turned down to 1/128 power, and you'll be fine.

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