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  1. Has anybody replaced the shutter on a D850? If so, what was cost and how long did it take?

    My D850 had well over 350,000 shutter activations so I am not surprised. Local camera store (Precision Camera in Austin) has sent it to Nikon for an estimate. Camera store thinks it will take a month and cost between $500 - $700.

    Is it worth it to repair??? New mirrorless is tempting, but I can’t wait for a Z9. Local camera store has 50 backorders for Z9 and only get about 10 cameras a month from Nikon. They do have the Z7II in stock.

    My backup camera is a D750 so I can shoot until other camera is repaired or I purchase a mirrorless.
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    A few years ago, replacing the shutter in a D850 should be around $400, but it may have gone up.

    If you order a Z9 directly from Nikon USA, without NPS priority, you’ll probably get one in a month. The wait is not that long any more.
  3. Shun....thanks for quick response. I am tempted to purchase a Nikon 7ZII because they have them in stock.
  4. Personally, I think it depends on what you want to do and where you want to go.

    D850 used prices seem pretty common at US$1800 to 2300, so a repair is definitely cheaper.

    I'm happy with my old DSLRs, but if you're not, now is the time. B&H says Z9 "coming soon" and there are also other places where you can get in the line for one. While you have a still-functioning body, maybe you want to be patient and wait for a new mirrorless

    I think Shun has it -- a wait for a new one might not be longer than the service. I'd personally hold out for Nikon's latest. From what I see from outside, this looks like a rapidly developing technology.

    Remember Gates's Law -- Never buy an early version of anything:rolleyes:
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    My D5 has gone back to Nikon USA for repair a couple of times in the last few years, because it was dropped. In 2019 and 2020, Nikon USA charged a fixed $600 fee for a "moderate" repair, plus tax. I am in the San Francisco area and in 2019, I shipped it to the repair center in Los Angeles. The main issue was parts hold and it took like 2, 3 weeks. In 2020, the LA center was closed due to Covid so that I sent it to Melville (Long Island), NY. The actual repair only took a business day or two, but Nikon USA ships UPS Ground and the return shipping took a week. The LA repair center has since re-opened.

    The repair for a D850 should be cheaper than that for a D5, but inflation may have affected the current cost. A few years ago, I would say $500 for a flagship body and maybe $350 for a D800/810/850 for shutter replacement.

    The Z6ii and Z7ii were introduced in October 2020 so that they are about 1.5 years old. Nikon USA has never discounted the Z6ii and currently the Z7ii is discounted for the first time, by $100 (from $3000 to $2900). It should be a fine camera if you don't need to track birds in flight, race cars, etc.
  6. BIll if you don’t get it fixed that D850 will make for a very pricey shelf piece. I only see two options. Get it repaired and keep it or get it repaired, sell and use the proceeds toward a new camera. My 2 cents. Best with it.
  7. $700 sounds very high for a shutter replacement unless there is significant other repair to be done as well, such as replacement of the mirror assembly etc.
  8. I would be curious to know the costs, let me know if you find out. I have an 850 with even higher mileage that on very rare occasions fails to fire.
  9. Has the shutter actually gone or are you getting worried it's going to go at a crucial moment?

    I had a D3S with over 450K and i started to stress it was going to go bang one day mid paying job!
  10. Mike....the shutter has actually gone. and ERR message appears. I did all the normal trouble shooting....change battery, memory card, lens, etc. Still no joy. Took it to local camera shop and they confirmed the shutter had failed. Camera has been sent to Nikon who will give me an estimate for repair.
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  11. You may need to replace the shutter just to sell the D850, either now or sometime in the future. I have the D850 and the Z9 and really love the Z9. I use the Z9 90% of the time now. NikonUSA ought to be able to give you good estimate on what a new shutter will cost.

    Nikon Service and Repair
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    You can get an estimate on line with Nikon USA repair. Replacing the shutter is pretty common. Again, the main issue is availability of parts. I would imagine it is below $500 unless they need to fix other stuffs.

    Yes, if that D850 is otherwise in decent shape, you can't get much selling it for parts. One way or another the shutter needs to be replaced.
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  13. UPDATE....Just had a call from my local camera store in Austin. Nikon will charge $304 to replace the failed shutter on my D850. I told them to do it. Now, when it gets returned my options are (1) continue using it, or (2) trade it in on a Mirrorless. Will probably continue using it because of cost.
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    $304 for a D850 shutter replacement is more than reasonable. As of a few years ago, a flagship shutter replacement was around $500, but it should be cheaper for a D800 series cameras. However, I thought there would be some inflation adjustment in the last year or two. $300 is lower than what I thought.
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  15. I am happy with price. It was lower than expected.
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