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  1. Got a D50 ffor xmas. I want shoot and print up to 18" by 24".
    Do I need a D80, or is this body adequate enogh?
  2. You should enlarge the images from your D50 in Photoshop (or equivalent). Increase the
    size to 6000x4000 pixels (bicubic interpolation) and you can print 18x24.
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    The D50 is 6MP while the D80 is 10MP. You should be able to see an obvious difference between images from the two cameras when you make 18x24 prints. Whether the D50 is adequate for that purpose or for that matter whether the D80 is adequart is a matter of opinions. Some will tell you that the D50 is sufficient; some might tell you that you must use large-format film.

    Since you already have the D50, print a sample from it to 18x24 and then decide for yourself. For print that large, viewing distance also makes a difference. It may be just fine if you view it from 10 feet/3 meters away.
  4. Thank you all for your kind help. These are only
    for home wall hangings. Sounds like the d50 would work,
    but the D80 would be better over all.
  5. I've blown up shots from my D70 to 40x50 and they looked fine. Your D50 will be able to do the same.
  6. Gawd, why does everyone need to make such huge prints from their DSLRs. I mean, it's the
    same as the old days guys - if you want to make super big enlargements, you need medium
    or large format. I suppose the very high resolution cameras are now closer to medium format
    than 35mm, but even medium format suffers when you enlarge to poster size.
  7. Most labs use software that 'fixes' your file and gives you a beautiful print. I suggest you send a file out and see what you get back. If you can also get your hands on file from a d80 and send it to the same lab, you will have something to compare to (Ideally you would want the same shot taken at the same time with the same lens from both cameras).

    You should be fine with 18" x 24' with your d50. As a picture of that size is typically viewed at several feet away rather than 12" way, it should look perfect!
  8. I have a D70 and it's same size output as D50. I often print 20x30 by upsizing in Photoshop and the prints come out amazingly nice as long as you know what you are doing with Photoshop.

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