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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by bill egan, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. I really did search this out and could not find it in google. I have had my
    D80 for about 6 months and love it but I would like a good training DVD to
    watch instead of a book. The following is what I have found, Nikon $50, Magic
    Lantern $18 and Blue Crane Digital $24. Anyone seen these or have opinions, I
    don't mind paying the money for the Nikon video if it is worth it.
    Thanks, Bill
  2. I think what you need is Thomas Hogan D80 eBook.
  3. I think you asked for a DVD ?

    So, try:

    for $52 (list $75) you get:
  4. I don't know of a video on DVD, but the Thom Hogan series (PDF) and the Magic Lantern
    series (book), are both excellent.

    There is the Elite Video series. For a sample of that video, you can see it at YouTube:
  5. I have the Magic Lantern DVD and really like it. If you sit in front of the computer or TV with your camera and follow along you will learn much more than from the Nikon manual! I'm a advanced beginner photographer. So, if you are advanced, you might find it a little more elementary. But, I found it very helpful. I also have the Magic Lantern book that I now use just as a reference.
  6. While Thom Hogan's eBooks are perhaps the best of them all, for people who can efford to read several hundred pages, and not fall asleep.

    DVDs are much more user friendly, and keep your attention on the subject of learning, the easy way, that is why there is "Made Easy" DVD series.

    Quick to market delivery is a sound business rule for success, and books are subject of the same.

    I noticed, that Thom Hogan's book have some incorrect information, perhaps done by making book for one camera from an older book copy. Magic Lanthern is notorious doing this as well - especially when they have trouble to understand in-depth the subject.

    E.g. in the original D200 book Thom stated that the CLS worked on all channels, while we know that that is not true. In good faith I sent email to Thom that D200 only supports 2 communication channels.

    To my surprise, I received response from Thom, and he stated that actually D200 "operates on 3 channels", since it operates 2 remote flashes on different 2 channels, and there is the in-camera built flash that counts as a 3rd channel...

    ... well it takes a man to admit his mistake, but it takes a genius to come up with explanation that covers well his mistake.

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