Nikon D80 & SB28, will it work?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by eye-of-searle, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Wife just called and I was "pimped out" to shoot the kids of her Boss for
    Christmas Pictures. Tomorrow! I normally would spend a few days researching my
    question but I am going out of town Monday and have to shoot tomorrow. No
    time! I recently aquired a D80 and feel comfortable using it except for
    Flash. I have an SB28 now and was planning on getting the SB600/800 but had
    no idea until today I would need to use a flash tomorrow.

    Anyway. Can I make do with the SB28 on the D80? I don't think TTL will work
    but I could be wrong. Any ideas on how to make this work? I am at work right
    now so just trying to get some ideas to expirement with tonight.

    I will admit, I am not very adept at flash photography so any help is mucho
    appreciated. The wife's boss had photos done by a "pro" and she hates them.
    She has always loved my shots of her kids so of course the wife pimped me
    out. Nice of her huh? She just wants to see if I can do better.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Mods, feel free to delete this one. I reposted in Nikon forum.

  3. TTL will not work, but you can certainly use the non-TTL Autoflash mode quite successfully.
  4. Thanks Michael. That helps a lot.
  5. Work out the "guide number" for the flash and then work manually the way we did before all these new fangled TTLs E-TTL were invented. It is just about the simplest way in the world to work.

    GN is say 80 with 100ISO. Divide flash to subject distance into GN and if say 10ft they shoot at f/8. Five feet at f/16 Fifteen feet f/5.6 .... simple isn't it :)

    GN is worked at 100ISO, if you up the ISO then the GN increases. Remember that the GN looks like an f/ number so at 200ISO in the example above would be 110 not 160.

    The only drawback could be a] the trigger boltage of the flash may not be suitable for the camera too high .. check for re-assurance ... and b] the flash contacts on the hot shoe may not trigger the flash unit ... easy enough to check. Good Luck. :)

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