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  1. sir, mirror lock function is currently not highlighted in my nikon d80. though
    it used to appear for lens cleaning purposes. it says that function is not
    available on current setting. i want to know what can i do to rectify? i tried
    that option for minimizing camera shake though i found later that it was not
    meant for the same. please guide me.
  2. Is the lens off and the battery fully charged? Sorry for the simple question, but sometimes I forget about these things, and the setting can't be highlighted unless these conditions are met.
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    I don't have a D80, but on some Nikon DSLRs, the mirror lock function is only for sensor cleaning, not for taking pictures. And they require you to power the camera with the optional AC adapter/external power supply so that the battery won't run out in the middle of cleaning.

    When I first got my D100, I put a fully charged battery in it and used the B shutter speed to raise the mirror for sensor cleaning.
    I spent like over 30 minutes to play around and to my surprise, I managed to drain the battery.
  4. What Jason said, your battery needs to be fully charged or running off an AC power (apart
    from having a lens attached).
  5. Shun is right. This camera will not allow mirror lock up for taking pictures. It is for sensor cleaning only.
  6. Check your user's manual - page 125 of the English manual.

    It says the battery must be over 50% charged and to remove the lens.

    The removal of the lens may be due to that fact that it is supposed to be used for cleaning the sensor. I'll have to try it and see.
  7. Your D80 has a exposure delay mode to minimize camera shake instead of mirror lock up which is used only for sensor cleaning. With the delayed exp delay mode setting selected, your shutter triggers a fraction of a second (0.4s) after the mirror has swung up and the vibration has died down. You can access this function via menu, custom, exp delay mode.
  8. To access the mirror lock up (for sensor cleaning), ensure the battery is charged, remove the lens, in the Set Up menu (spanner) select 'Mirror lock-up' and highlight 'ON', then press the OK button - press the shutter button and the mirror will raise allowing access to the sensor; to lower the mirror, turn the camera off.
  9. I have the D80, and it does not have the kind of mirror lock up you are thinking up. It's a "mirror up" function, for sensor cleaning as others above mentioned.

    Kent in SD
  10. The mirror lock up function is on the WRENCH menu. In my camera it is highlighted BUT you
    have to remove the lens first to make it work.

    To minimize camera shake you have to use Exposure Delay Modo, it is in the pencil menu

    Cheers! Rene'
  11. I also have a D80. The mirror lock up is only for cleaning. You must have at least 50% charge in the battery and remove the lens. The delayed shutter is to reduce vibration such as the others have mentioned, one example of using the delayed shutter function would be astro-photography, where it is imperitive that the vibration is minimized before the actual exposure is started.
  12. dear friends.
    with regards to this lockup problem, i have found the following helpful
    the battery must be fully charged, partial charge will mean that the option will be unavailble and greyed out
    the lockup function will work if a lens is fitted or not
    if the option is not there, then the full menu must be enabled in the setup menu.

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