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  1. ok so i have had this d80 for awhile and i acutally am starting to hate it becuase it is giving me sooo many problems so heres my deal up in the place where u fix the aputure it jsut says F-- and i cant seem to change it.. i have to do it maually on the lens and it used to not be like that.. i have tried looking through my maunels and i cant seem to fix it .. im ready to just give up and throw the damn thing out.. please help me!
  2. I'm not sure I understand your description of the problem, but your frustration is coming across clearly.
    Set your lens to the smallest aperture (biggest number). At that setting/position, there should be a locking switch, (see your lens manual). Lock the aperture at the smallest aperture setting.
    Did that solve the problem?
  3. If you have tried the above and that does not work. Remove the lens and then remount it on the D80 again. Any difference?
    Do you have more than one lens to try?
  4. Hello? Can you hear me now?
  5. Which lens are you using? How long have you your lens/camera? Has this lens worked before?
    It could be manual dial close to the body that was moved by accident, there is a little plastic locking switch, moving it all the way should let you change it's position and that should fix the F issue.
    If your lens is a "G" type then you might not have this dial with numbers from like 4 to 22 on the scale, and then it could be the contact, so remove your lens, clean the round metal part on the camera and on the lens (while the camera is off, always turn off camera when removing lens) then re-attach and turn-on camera.
    You should clean the dirt around the round opening on the lens and body once in a while, especially if you see black deposits of dust.
  6. Are you using an 18-200 VR when you have this issue? This is a common problem. You may also be getting a 'false low battery' warning. It also seems to happen more using the flash or in low light. I had to send my 18-200 back to Nikon. If you are using the 18-200, then do not send the D80 back - they are aware of this problem. Nikon made some sort of adjustment and I have not had the problem since with any of my lenses (18-200 VR, 50mm f/1.8, and 14-24 f/2.8).
    See the following thread:
    Warmest regards,
  7. I think Robert [Body] nailed the answer.
  8. Agree. On my older (Tokina) lenses the little locking switch never works and the aperture ring is constantly getting moved around when I put the lenses in or take them out of the camera bag.
    - s.
  9. i have a tokina 24-200 with an aperture ring which performs as simon wrote-- it suffered from a design flaw; it was easy to jiggle when gripping the lens or twisting the zoom ring. i superglued it and that fixed the problem. i probably wouldnt do that on a nikon lens, just in case i might want to resell it, but i had the same problem on my 50/1.8 until i figured out the aperture ring needed to be locked at the smallest number. luckily nikon's aperture ring lock is less flimsy than tokina's, and as robert body wrote, this is not an issue with G type nikkors -- newer designs which have no aperture ring.
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    F-- means the camera cannot communicate with the CPU in the lens. Are you using a manual-focus lens that has no CPU?
    Since all AF lenses have CPU, if this is an AF lens, I would clean the electronic contacts on the lens and the body in the lens mount area.
    If the lens has an aperture ring but you don't set that to the minimum, the error code is fEE.
  11. Doh! Good catch Shun. :)
  12. I just wish Amanda would talk to us.
  13. Hello Amanda
    The same happens to me but the problem is easely solved and is even described in the manual: Your lens is not conected well to the camera. Just take the lens out and put it back again. I have done it many times with the 18-135.
  14. My guess is that it's the 18-135mm DX lens she is using and that is a very common problem from what I've seen on forums.
    I had sent my in when the autofocus motor quit (under warranty) and also mentioned I was getting the F-- error on a somewhat regular basis. I'd give the lens a little twist (like putting it on and off) and the error would go away. That was almost a year ago and I haven't had a single problem with it yet. No F-- errors and the autofocus is fine.
  15. D80 is a very good camera. You cant throw the good things out like that... Try what Robert and others have said. It mostly depends on what lens you are using...

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