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  1. Hello please give me some advise,step and in which mode how can I take a
    continuous shooting with flash and without flash using Nikon D80?
  2. Without flash I suggest you read your manual about continuous shooting (I think that it is available in all positions of the mode dial, and set using the button to the right of the LCD that looks like three overlapping book pages) and turn off noise reduction - your manual will inform you of how to do this. In general shooting in jpg mode will yield faster, longer bursts of photos than shooting in RAW.

    With flash the camera will only shoot as fast as the flash can recharge - even with a powerful external flash this can be several seconds between shots. With the small internal flash on the D80, expect to wait between 0.5 and 2 seconds between frames in any mode.

    Otherwise the settings for with and without flash will be the same.

  3. To Mr. Allan, I read my manual I set the shooting mode to continuous but still I need to press the shutter release button each time I want to take a continuous shot, what I want and figure out is the 3 frame/second
    that when you press the shutter release button without releasing it will continue shooting.
  4. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Vincent, just a suggestion... instead of just reading the manual, go through each section of the manual and practice each step using the camera. As far as continuous mode, you should be in shutter priority or manual and using a shutter speed of 1/250th or faster. Focus settings, buffer, noise reduction...all have an effect and are mentioned in the manual. Your flash cannot be fired continuously. There is an online tutorial on Thom Hogan's site and a few books on how to use the D80 such as Magic Lantern's guide. All are more user friendly than the manual, especially for beginners. Happy shooting, Ray
  5. Your right Ray the manual itself are too complicated for a beginner like, thats why I used to ask here, many thanks Ray & Alan...if you have some advise and tips out there I appreciate those .
  6. Vincent....Is it possible you are not "locking in" the selection of Continuous in the Shooting Menu? Not only must you highlight Continuous, but you need to lock it in by pressing "OK".

    Have you tried changing the Shooting Mode by simply using the Shooting Mode Button on the top of the camera? See page 36 in your manual.

    The Owner's Manual is your friend, and you really need to use it to master your camera. The shooting modes are mentioned on page V in the index and page 2 in the view of the camera controls - that's twice in the first few pages (did you even TRY looking in the manual?). It may seem complicated, but it isn't if you take it in parts. And it only seems complicated because your D80 is an advanced tool. Don't try to understand everything in the manual on one read-through; it's more of a reference manual that you can go back to again and again.
  7. Being a D80 owner myself i think i might be able to help.
    To get continuous shooting, just push the button on top right that has a picture that looks like three pieces of paper stacked on top of each other. pushing that button repeatedly will change to the different shooting modes.
  8. I don't wish to confuse matters, but I was having problems with my new D80 in
    "continuous" mode recently. Turns out I had it set properly, but when shooting indoors in
    low light, it would only shoot once. I repeatedly checked settings and modes, but it would
    shoot only once. Then I tried different rooms in the house with better (more) light and it
    fired continuously.
  9. Im guessing its because theres not enough light. the shutter speed is so slow and your letting your finger off the button before the little green light on the back goes out after the shutter closes again. try upping the ISO and or opening up the aperture

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