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  1. Hi,
    Ive got a question regarding focusing on my Nikon D80.
    I decided to try that so-called back button focus, co first, I set in menu

    But the problem was the camera wasnt taking pictures unless focused (default behaviour which I like when using the half-press-shutter-to-focus settings, but it got annoying now). I didnt know how to disable it. I wanted the camera to take pictures even when its not properly focused.
    Funny thing, I managed to set it somehow yesterday (it started working "my way" after setting FOCUS AREA = WRAP. But today I wanted to get back to the original behaviour and I couldnt (the camera was taking pictures even with cap on). So I made reset (with the green-dotted buttons on top of the camera) and now I can focus with half-press and shoot pictures only when the camera is focused. Original way. Fine.
    But now, Im once again unable to set it to the back button focusing style = AF with AEL/AFL and take pictures even when not focused.
    Please, where is this magic settings? My english is not that good so Im not able to search it on the net ...
    So, in summary: WHERE, in Nikon D80, can I switch if the camera requires to be focused before taking pictures ... or not.

    THANKS!!! :)
  2. Does the D80 have af-C (continuous) and af-S (single) settings? If it does, then just set the camera to af-C. Then, with your "focusing thumb" operate the newly programmed af-ON button WHEN needed.
    Usually the af-S defaults to "get the focus before activate the shutter" -mode, while the af-C mode defaults to "trip the shutter even not focused". These default settings are generally programmable too.
  3. Thank you, it needs to be set in AF-C ... :)

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