Nikon D750 problem- shutter or mirror problem??

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by clarebelden, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Hello all,

    I recently purchased a new Nikon D750 about two months ago. I have been loving it so far and it has been taking lovely photos. I am quite new to full frames and still need to learn a lot!

    I am currently in Indonesia doing research and obviously brought my camera. It has been working very well with no problems, but yesterday I went to take a photo and first it would not autofocus on any mode. When switched to manual, it would take the picture but the result was the image attached...

    I tried taking the lens off and taking a picture that way to see if it was the lens or the body and the results were the same. I cannot find anything similar online and am worried something has happened to it because of the humidity here?? It has been protected in a bag the whole time when im not taking pictures with it, but the humidity here is so high im not sure if that matters? Has anyone else had this/seen this problem and knows what it is? If so, is there a way to fix it myself or is it something that will have to be done by Nikon?

    I did try to take the battery out, reset all settings, etc. and still no change.


    View attachment unnamed.jpg
  2. I have sometimes similar problems when I bring it too quick out of a cold airconditioned room. You have to dry it first and then see what happens. You can use a dry cabinet or keep it in a dry airconditioned room for a couple of hours.
  3. Okay I will try the air conditioned room as I don't have a dry cabinet here and see what happens! Thanks!!
  4. Humidity is possible. Sanity check: both the lens (any switch) and the camera (switch on the lens mount) are set to autofocus? Nobody's put it in rear-button autofocus while you weren't looking? If it's an AF-S (or AF-P) lens, it might also be worth cleaning the lens contacts, since they sometimes get slightly corroded.

    Good luck!
  5. I looked the image attachment and it seems that either shutter or mirror mechanism or main circuit board is not functioning. Perhaps it is time to send camera to service, maybe it is covered by warranty.
  6. That definitely looks like a severe camera fault, and should be covered by warranty.

    It looks like the mirror isn't being raised properly for exposure, and I doubt that de-humidifying the camera will cure it, but it's worth a shot, rather than the hassle of sending the camera off for repair.
  7. Since people clean sensors in their homes, I will suggest that you at least look at yours. Remove the lens, go to M or S and select a shutter speed of 1/2 - 1 second. Look at the mirror when you fire the shutter. You should se the mirror move out of its way and expose the sensor for half a second to a second before closing the shutter and lowering the mirror. If so, then the mirror and shutter likely work as they should. Modern shutters are self diagnostic and adjusting and you do not mention any Err message on the cameras top LCD. I would then suspect dirt contacts on either the camera or lens.

    Remove the battery and put the camera (with the lens/body cap on) in a bag with rice and as little air in it as possible for 24 hours. Rice will help dry out the camera in there is moisture inside. If that does not help, I would check with Nikon Indonesia to see if they would take it in under warranty or if you need to send it in back home before the warranty expires.

    Good luck!

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