Nikon D70S LCD Cracked inside. Need responces quick

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by david_le|1, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Holy crap, my camera's LCD is cracked. I'm not sure what happend. And
    apprently, darn nikon won't cover this. My lcd is cracked, but it
    still lights up. but nothing can be viewed. when it goes to that
    preview, it lights up, but nothing can be seen. it can still take
    pictures, and the sensor seems fine. I'm not sure what alternative i
    can do. Any suggestions? I need answers ASAP, please. I feel
    incredibly at fault for this. My father had bought this for me, and
    I've done nothing but complain, and now, my precious D70s is done,
    atleast the LCD. I called wolf camera, and they told me it would be up
    to 700! WTF! Its only 2.0 inches! Well, if you can tell me an
    alternative or a cheaper alternative than buying a new Digital SLR,
    please tell me. thank you!
  2. The LCD is probably replaceable. Contact Nikon or Authorized Nikon Service for repairs. A camera shop will charge you twice as much (or more) and take a month.

    Were you using the plastic cover?
  3. it's not that expensive and is replacable call nikon service
  4. If it isn't under warrenty, or you don't mind voiding it, its pretty easy to replace it yourself. I'm sure you could get the part from either Nikon or a repair shop, and the entire back panel pops off with some screws really easily. Just one or two ribbon cables. I found this out when trying to replace the flash on a D70, but I can't imagine the D70s would be much different. However, from what you are saying with the backligh coming on, the ribbon cable might have simply come undone. If that is the case, simply plug it back in. However, if you don't want to voud the warrenty or don't feel mechanically adept enough to do this, then back directly to Nikon (not through Wolf's) is your only choice.
  5. *****If it isn't under warrenty, or you don't mind voiding it, its pretty easy to replace it yourself. *****

    why would anyone want to repair something themselves that is covered by warranty? We are only dealing with a $1000 camera, right Franklin?

    Ship to Nikon and tell them sometimes wrong and let the cards fall where they might.They still might fix it for free but not if you go taking it apart and just exactly, do you know what aprts you need?. You can still use the camera without the LCD preview as along as you don't change the settings until either Nikon refuses to fix it or you get a price for repair.
  6. You are probably looking at a $200.00 repair here. Wolf, like the rest of the Ritz organization, dosn't know an f-stop from a bus stop. I would send it into Nikon yourself and get an estimate. It would take a hard hit to crack your LCD with the plastic cover in place. It would be a good idea to have Nikon check the whole camera out anyway.
  7. If your D70 isn't under warranty or is under warranty you can give this place a call. They are really reasonable and do nice work. In my own experience they are about a 1/3 of the cost of what Nikon would charge you.
  8. Whoops! Here is the link:
  9. What the link do? And it is cracked inside. It looks like it cracked from a dramatic drop or something
  10. LCD displays are normally composed of basically 2 parts, a glass cover panel (and I don't mean the plastic protective cover) and the LCD itself. From your description it sounds like Nikon followed standard practice for LCD displays and installed the module under a protective glass cover panel. If your LCD is cracked without any damage to the cover glass itself, I would suggest that you return the camera to Nikon under warranty repair. It should be pretty obvious that you can't cause impact damage to the LCD module without also smashing the glass cover panel. It's somewhat rare but it does happen sometimes, glass simply cracks due to built in stresses accumulated during the manufacturing process. That's why all fine glasses must be tempered, to "relieve" the built in stresses. Unfortunatley, when the tempering process is rushed, or not done properly, glass will crack after some period of time without any event triggering it. Therefore, my conclusion is that the LCD cracked due to improper tempering of the glass in the LCD module. If that is what happened with you camera, Nikon may decide to repair it under warranty without any argument. Just make sure to point out specifically that the protective glass cover is completely undamaged.

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