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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by roberto_papini, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. I have been in a Safari in SA. After 5 days that I was using my AF ED 300mm f4
    and AF 80-200 2.8 at the minimum aperture with program P, the camera suddenly
    gave me the error FEE. Despite taken out the battery and resetting the camera I
    didn't manage to solve the problem. The D70s works fine with the 18-70mm that
    was included in the kit.
    A friend of mine was with me with a D80 and the lenses were working fine with him.
    The camera is 15 months old.
    What's the problem? What Should I Do?
  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Fee indicates that a lens with aperture ring is not set at its minimum aperture. If the aperture is already set at the minimum, and the camera works with G lenses, the problem is related to the EE Servo Coupling Post. Do a search on that term and you'll find a lot of answers.

    If those lenses work on a D80, most likely it is the button on your D70 for detecting the EE Servo Coupling Post is broken. It is outside of the lens mount at the 8 o'clock position.
  3. Sometimes "fee" means that its going to cost you to get it fixed!
  4. Hi Shun
    thanks for your very prompt answer.
    Can you clarify to me the EE Servo Coupling Post: around the 8 o'clock position on my D70s I have a button outside the lens mount or like a small lever on the lens mount itself that can be press or moved around.
    How do I know if is broken?
  5. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    The "EE Servo Coupling Post" is merely a fancy name for a little notch on the aperture ring. See this thread and especially Michael Freeman's answer:

    With a lens with an aperture ring, that notch needs to press on the little button/lever on the body to indicate that it is at the minimum aperture setting. Typically it is the little part (Post) on the lens aperture ring that is broken. If your lenses work on the D80, most likely it is the part on your D70 body that is broken.

    Bodies that have the aperture follower tab, i.e. those can meter with non-CPU lenses such as D200, D300 do not need this EE Servo Coupling Post mechanism, but the D40, D50, D70 and D80 do. Therefore, the fact that those lenses work with the D80 indicates that the lenses are fine.
  6. The FEE error could also mean a loose connection between the lens and camera body. I have a sigma 70-200 f2.8 that started to exhibit this error on a F!)) and D40. I checked the connections and notice 3 loose screws. Once tigntened I have never had this problem again.
  7. my D80 did that and I turned off, re-seated the lens and all was fine. Hope you get your baby back up and running
  8. I'm having this problem right now. Out of nowhere my camera stops resonding and I first got the error fEE tried everything suggested here and on the other link checked everything over and it's all intact. Does that mean my D70s body has a problem?
  9. I had this fEE problem - turned out the camera body was fine thankfully however the tab on the aperture ring of the lens had broken off.
    Here's how I fixed it:
    It's not beautiful but it works.
    If you decide to do this here are some tips:
    Whatever metal you use be sure to sand off any coating down to bare metal – this ensures the epoxy will hold.
    Rough up the lens plastic a bit – I used a push-pin to scratch where the epoxy would be – again this is to ensure the epoxy adheres properly.
    Use as little epoxy as necessary – since the metal piece is being held in place with the fish line you can do a lot of little dabbing to place the epoxy. I use a pin for this.

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