Nikon D700 vs D3 = Color Saturation?

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  1. I'm just curious! What exactly is it that makes the Color Saturation just so Superior on the D700 compared to the D3? What is it in the firmware, filter, or? on the D3 that "kills" the Color Saturation from the D700? What precisely is it that changes the D700 Color Saturation profile on the D3? Among many Professional Portraiture photographers, the D700 is known to have much more Rich, Vivid, Intense, Tones ,even Surreal Color Saturation profile. What is it on D3 than "tones down" this Color Saturation output?
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    I have used both the D3 and D700 extensively, and I am not even sure that the D700 has superior color saturation. Electronically the D3 and D700 are pretty much identical as the D700 essentially took over everything from the D3, but the D3 has much better construction, a built-in grip, two CF card slots and a larger battery.
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  3. I'm referencing several excellent YouTube videos from Ken on this D700 vs D3 Color Saturation difference:


    Plus: Nikon D700 Review - Exposure o_O
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    Henrik, if you think that is an excellent YouTube video, you should check directly with the presenter for his findings. My experience with the D3 and D700 is quite different.
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  5. The D3 and D700 have identical sensors, image processing and image quality. There is no difference at all in this respect. The D3 has a bit faster AF though, especially with some screwdriven AF lenses.

    That youtube figure is often talking complete hogwash.
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  6. You can set the saturation to whatever you want in camera or do it in post. Not sure what you're talking about.
  7. I generally say, D3 is preferred.

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