Nikon D70 CHR error message

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by lindy_riffe, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Has anyone had a problem with a CHR error message? Sometimes mine says it's
    the card reader (Lexar)...I have 3, and sometimes it says "camera
    corrupted".... I usually turn it off then back on and it works, but some days
    it takes several times. I use my D70 every day. Does anyone else have this
    problem? lindy
  2. I recently had a huge problem with my Belkin card reader corrupting cards so that neither my computer or camera would recognize the cards. I saved the images with Rescue Pro, reformated the cards in the camera and Belkin replaced the reader and everything seems back to normal. The card reader blew both Lexar and SanDisk cards. This was true for both the D70 and D200 cards.

    Card readers apparently can do very nasty things...
  3. I got that error message when my memory card was bad. Replacing the card solved the problem.
  4. I had this error and very similar symptoms when my Sandisk 1gb card failed.
  5. I was getting the "CHR" problem a lot. I would simply turn the camera off, then on again, and all seemed fine. Then one day, I turned the camera off, took the card out, pushed the card back in a little firmer, learnt from this and never had the problem again. It was like the contacts weren't quite in enough.
  6. Sorry to post an answer as a Canon EOS 400D user. But I just baught a Belkin media card reader today (USB one) and it seems to have fried my 4GB Apacer Handy Steno Pro III compact flash card. I leave on holiday in 1 day so I am more than a little miffed.
  7. I have been experiencing CHR error messages for about a month now. It turned out there was nothing wrong with my batteries, and my PQI card reader appears to have no effect on my Lexar CF 1GB.

    I noticed when I placed the recharged battery into the slot and closed the door, the CHR light would go off temporarily and then reappear after one or two pics. It appeared that the battery was not seating properly which I solved by breaking a flat toothpick in half and then placing it on the bottom of the battery before closing the battery door. No more CHR error messages.

    A more permanent solution, of course, would be to have the door latch spring replaced with a spring having a bit more tension. I'll see how long my 'band aid fix' lasts before I cross that bridge, though.
  8. I have the same problem with two CF cards from a few days ago. Before got 'CHA' error, I found that some pictures were not properly saved on the card. I have asked to some people and found that one actually got his camera repaired with answer that the memory card reader in D70 is failed. So, he replaced the embedded reader and it worked well. And I do not think this is memory problem either. Either will I move to another camera, or take pictures with my F5.
  9. Having had this camera for several years now (D70), I am now getting the 'CHA' or 'CHR' message- (even people at the camera store debate as to what the exact last letter is, even though they own the exact camera). I have been extremely frustrated, and tried lots of fixes before looking through the posts on this site. I took the camera to a professional, and they said it was probably an "electrical" problem with the camera... (since it just happened to work with them, but not with me, for the last 3 months...). In spite of a new flash card. I tried packing the battery tighter with... well, anything (tissue, my finger, whatever, what did not work). I kept getting the 'CHR' message at the most important family photogenic opportunity of several years. My expensive camera might have well been a beanie baby pretending to be a camera. Dang! Kept looking through the posts after everyone had gone home. Someone posted "reseat" the flash card. I had already "reformatted the card", "recharged the battery", "bought a new flash card", "taken it to a pro-store", "given many opinions", "packed the battery in with stuffing to make solid connections". Nothing worked for more than a few days. (Actually, the only thing that worked was taking it to a professional camera store who looked at it, took a picture that worked, and said "OK, what's your problem?" Like taking a car to the mechanics for a noise that doesn't show up there. LONG STORY SHORT... A FIX POSTED PREVIOUSLY FOR THIS PROBLEM THAT WORKED FOR ME. Why, I don't know. After all the fun and games had gone home, examined the camera and the posts on the Internet. Good card. Good battery. Good reader. I saw someone said "reseat the card". I did. And... viola. It worked. No bent pins. Just reseated the flash card. And it worked. Not that I'm happy I have to do this, and I had to search, ask, beg for over a month to find this out with the Nikon D70. I paid for quality. I thought. What happened here? I didn't need to buy a new flash card ($60 or so?)... unnecessary. Problem with the Nikon. Will they fix it? Doubt. But... this is what works for SOME people with the Nikon D70 flashing CHR (or whatever). Turn the camera off, quickly punch out the flash card, push it back in, close the door, turn it on, and if you are like me... the problem is solved (for whatever reason... except my 3 year family visit is over, and I have NO photos of the event...
    A shout out... "Nikon! Many are experiencing this! What is the fix for good?"
    B. Western
  10. OK, disregard my above post. This was not the fix I was hoping for. I have since found something that so far seems bulletproof. When you are fighting the CHA or CHR, reformat your card using a card reader and your computer using the FAT format. Reinsert the card into your camera, and reformat again. This got it working again. I took the battery out a couple of times, and one of these times resulted in the CHA message again. I simply reformatted the card IN the camera, and it has worked fine ever since. Don't accept the fact that it's a defective card. Have you checked the card out with another source? It's probably OK. Reseating the card was not a fix for me either. Just try the card reader fat format, followed by a camera format, and I think that's it.
  11. What is fat formatting and how does one do this? I have the same problem with the CHR error message.
  12. I too am suffering from the CHR error. It would occur only once in a while and all I had to do was to remove the memory card and put it back in. I was at a family reunion a week ago and had to do it about 2 times in 125 pictures. Some of the pictures, very few, would not display in any program, came up with not a recognized formay message.
    It happen again last night , this time with a brand new memory card. It worked for about a minute then the CHR message came on. This time for good. None of the cards I had worked in this camera. So I took it in a professional repair shop and they told me it was probably a memory compensation board, whatever that is. This is about a $180.00 repair. We will see when the estimate comes in.
    To Haley Tarrant-- In sert your memory card into you USB terminal. Click on start -myComputer. Right click on the appropiate memory device and chose format from the pop-up menu. Fat system was in the File system box by default. I am using XP
  13. I have same problem on my D70 which is more than 5 years old. I found a seemingly do-it-yourself solution in an internet.
    The site is written in Japanese. It states the FOR/CHR error is caused by loose connection between a circuit board at the bottom of a body and a flexible cable that is connected to the CF card connector. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and bottom pictures from top show how the flexible cable is bowing upward immediately next to the connector and is giving undue pressure that makes bad contact (but it is hard to tell in my eyes). The web page is also showing how to open the bottom case indicating which screws to be loosened. Be careful length of screws are different, so note which ones fit where. The picture 2nd from the bottom is the one after repair. The connector is marked and you may notice the flexible cable stays flat and does not bow upward.
    I did opened my D70 and taped a small roll of a paper towel on the flexible cable as it presses cable down held by a bottom cover. So far it is working fine. But I am not sure about long term efficacy, because I did it just today. This is a low cost and low risk solution and I think it is worth trying.
  14. THANKS SO MUCH David Blair!!! I got the CHR error and tried pushing it in harder and now it's working again! Awesome!
    "I was getting the "CHR" problem a lot. I would simply turn the camera off, then on again, and all seemed fine. Then one day, I turned the camera off, took the card out, pushed the card back in a little firmer, learnt from this and never had the problem again. It was like the contacts weren't quite in enough."
  15. I have an older D70 with original battery and three high capacity CF cards all of which have been corrupted at various times. Usually I get the CHR error message and the playback display shows no image data or sometime just colored lines. One time I had a format error message.
    The latest occurrence was when the flash activated unexpectedly when taking a photo and under lower battery conditions. The battery icon dropped to show zero charge right after the flash and it seems to me that the CF card might be losing power right at the time it was being written which is when it would be vulnerable to being affected (otherwise it is non-volatile).
    My guess is, use the D70 only with a good battery and at high power state, especially if using on-board flash.
  16. I too have found that pressing the CF card in firmly works most of the time. I have also helped a friend with a D70 and pressing the card in firmly worked for her, too..

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