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  1. I am trying to find out why I keep getting the error message that says "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state." I am mainly trying to get the SD card working.
    When I turn the camera on, everything seems to work except the SD card. I have tried a couple different cards to see if that was the case but I keep getting the same message. I formatted the cards. I tried to update the firmware but I still do not get the update firmware option. The current firmware on the camera seems to be correct but again, I cannot get the update firmware option when I try to update it. I can hover over firmware and press the "?" and it will tell me to format the sd card but if I press ok, I get "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state."
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    According to this article:
    you'll get that "This option is not available" error message when auto bracketing is on and you try to set the camera to the HDR mode.
  3. Since I read this 2 hours ago, things have changed alittle but not a whole lot. I still cannot get the SD card working but when I turned off the auto bracket and HDR mode, I seem to be able to go into some kind of demo mode where I can save about 8 images but only in the demo and they are not on the SD card. Im not sure if the SD card error has anything to do with a logo that looks like this -E- that is always flashing inside the peep hole. Also, no matter what, I cannot go into the RETOUCH menu for anything it seems without the SD card working.
  4. Hi there
    Have you tried the two-button reset option? Press the Menu button(left back of camera) and the button(right of viewfinder) together for three seconds?
  5. tried that
  6. Trying to understand..
    -- Can you format the SD card "In Camera"normally ?
    -- Can you take pictures normally ?
    -- If so ; Why try to update the firmware to a version that is already in the camera ?
    - If not ; Is it possible that you moved the lock slide on the SD card int "Lock Position" ?

    Maybe the camera refuses your update because it is the same version as the version on the SD card is already installed in the camera ?
    Or did i understand this wrong ?
  7. #1 Can you format the SD card "In Camera"normally ?
    Answer: No I cannot format the card in camera.
    #2 Can you take pictures normally ?
    Answer: Only in demo mode which today I just figured out how to do and got working by turning off auto bracketing
    #3 If so ; Why try to update the firmware to a version that is already in the camera ?
    Answer: b/c I still cannot figure how to get the SD card recognized. No matter what I try, the SD card is not working or being recognized
    #4 If not ; Is it possible that you moved the lock slide on the SD card int "Lock Position" ?
    Answer: I've tried this again and again but still says No Memory Card and when I try to format the card in the camera it says This option is not available at current setting or in the camera's current state
  8. Ok THx JDanny,
    MM Demo mode is not started by turning something off or on, Demo mode gets switched on automatically if there is no or no usable memory card in the camera.
    I guess you tried a new unused memory card in the camera already ( a card that was not formatted on any other device !) ?
    If so , then all that remains then is that the camera is probably defect i guess , so you should consider to get get it serviced ( through sending it to Nikon or turning it in at your Nikon Dealer. ... ( ask for an estimate first so you can consider if the camera is worthe the repair cost to you..)
  9. edit: sorry, I missed the bit about the other cards. I would guess it is a problem with the body and contact Nikon Customer Support.
  10. Just a few guesses here : you are trying the HDR exposure with the camera in JPEG mode, right? And you are not expecting exposure compensation as well? And last, have you tried taking out the battery, and then putting it back in again? Then putting your SD card in the camera?
  11. Jerry- I was told not to use HDR function and keep brackets offer. Also in demo mode, I can take a bunch of pictures but they do not save to the SD card. And yes I am in JPEG mode. battery in and out sd card in and out and nothing changes
  12. If you've tried different cards....and they don't work, then it's a card reader/writer fault in the body.
    Pretty sure the -E- message in the VF is 'no-card present'
    You could bypass the card-reader by trying to tether it via USB.
    If you take the card out, are there ANY messages or behavior that is different to when the card is in? You can't FORMAT an empty can't UPGRADE FIRMWARE from an empty slot, you can't access RETOUCH from an empty only get DEMO MODE from an empty slot....get the idea..:)
  13. tether through usb ? how can that be done?
  14. Danny,
    did you resolve your issue? I am also having exact same issue on my D5200. I can take pics in Demo mode but memory card is not recognised. both memory cards are perfectly fine. I followed following instructions from Nikon but problem still remain.
    1. Remove battery, Memory card, and lens for about 30 seconds

    2. Reinsert just the lens and the battery, power the camera on
    ensure you are using an approved card: Answer Title: Approved SD cards for D5200 Answer Link:

    3. The camera settings can be restored to default values by holding the "Menu" and "i" buttons down together for more than two seconds

    (these buttons are marked by a green dot). The information display turns off briefly while settings are reset.

    4. Hit the menu button and select custom setting menu

    5. Select "F" for controls and then "F4" labels " Slot empty release lock"

    6. Highlight "Enable release"

    7. Test camera with no card/ then reinsert the card and try again
  15. after all said and done, I had to take it to an authorized Nikon repair center where they had to replace the main board. Cost was approx $150 which came with a year warranty
  16. Thanks for the reply. 150 is not bad is this US? I bought in US but live in Canada and they are asking something around 400 bucks including shipping.
  17. 400 is too much in my opinion. North Miami Beach Florida USA is where mine was repaired. They gave me a few extra freebies with purchase. They added a lens cover, a Nikon heavy duty Lanyard and an SD card all for free with repair. But 400 you can get another one on ebay for that price. $150 yes, 400 no. 400 you can get one that works on ebay with a warranty
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    I am sure $400 way exceeds the current value for the D5100.

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