Nikon D5100 HDR Question.

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by loudlizard, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. I just bought the Nikon D5100. As i was playing around with it i cannot figure out how to get the HDR to work. When I navigated to the HDR menu, it is grayed out. It says "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera's current state." I have tried every combination of modes and i still can't figure out why it will not let me into the HDR setting to turn it on.
    Any thoughts on why this is happening? What mode should i be in to turn HDR on? Should bracketing be on? Should i start in Live View first?
    I am not super interested on using the HDR feature all that often, but when i get a new toy i have to play around and figure everything out or it will drive me nuts.
  2. The manual should explain. A PDF version can be downloaded from the Nikon web site. I keep copies of manuals on my iPhone for all of my equipment, great way to have references right at your finger tips.
  3. Greg,
    Do you have the camera set to record RAW images? According to the user guide (pg. 76) HDR won't work with those.
    Also it reads on the next page it can be turned off by selecting another mode than P, S, A or M on the mode dial - so it seems it won't work with scenes modes.
  4. Wouter,
    Thanks! I did have it set to RAW. I changed it to JPEG and i am now able to access the HDR menu. Problem solved!! Thanks again Wouter!!!
    Nice tip for having a copy of the manual saved to your iPhone. I will do that as well.
  5. I looked this up because I, too, cannot get HDR to work on my new D5100. (It did work ONE time last week) so I took the advice and checked the settings: my camera was set at JPEG only. I have tried every setting I can think of and still the HDR setting remains greyed out. I've tried to return the camera to factory settings and still HDR is greyed out.
    Any suggestions????
  6. The Nikon D5100 will not do HDR in GREEN AUTO mode as well. You can set up a shortcut by setting custom function F1 to set the Fn Button to be the Hot button for HDR so you won't have to go digging through the menu to access it!
  7. Make sure you have turned of BKR otherwise HDR won't work (greyed out)
  8. Thank you Tak Imura, that's a great tip! I have been trying to find how to leave HDR switched on. Using the Fn button is much easier than delving down through the menus.
  9. Greg, I have tried tirelessly to set my HDR setting. I discovered once you hit the Information button twice you can turn off your BKT setting at the bottom right hand corner of the information panel. Once done keep dial set to Manual and go straight to Menu options and your Camera Settings. Your HDR will now be lit and you can turn your HDR on this way. Trick is after you have set the values to take however many shots you take in HDR, theHDR needs to be turned back on after each series of shots you take. Kind of a pain but it works. With a combination of Photomatix Pro software the responses are quite pleasing. Best wishes and keep trying. Stay Creative brother.

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