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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Larry_G, May 6, 2017.

  1. I would appreciate any experience with or opinion about the Nikon D500. Reviews say its the top DX camera available. Agree, disagree, other . . .

    Thanks. Larry
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    I haven't used every APS-C body that is available, but for capturing wildlife with fast AF and a high frame rate, the D500 is an excellent tool, perhaps just below the D5 in my experience, but DX had its own advantages, and disadvantages.
  3. I have not found one thing that I dislike about the D500 so far. I have used it for both sports and nature with excellent results.
  4. I've had Nikon digital cameras since the D1. I've had my D500 for several months now with virtually daily use. It is the finest piece of digital gear I've ever used. The build quality is first class, the capability of the auto focus and the buffer is spectacular. I did have one problems with what I thought was over saturating of magenta, but it turned out to be operator error. I have only one small nit to pick. The focus selector toggle on the back, which I use a lot, is a bit cumbersome because I use my left eye to view with. On top of everything the price offers more value per dollar than any other camera I've purchased -- and the offer with the battery grip is back. I'm thinking of picking up a second one at this price.
  5. I have one and use it with the Nikon battery pack. Its AF system is the best in any Nikon camera I have ever owned. I just got back from a photo trip to a rookery in Aransas Bay, TX where I took about over two days 10,000 images all at 10 fps.with my 500mm f4 Nikon lens. About 50% of these were birds in flight. I deleted less than 1% of these for out of focus shots. (I have my camera set to release priority.) With the current discounts on the camera and battery pack, it is a great deal if you need a DX action camera.
  6. I agree with the rave reviews. I prefer FF for most of my work, but I picked up a D500 for use in sports and wildlife photography (wanted the crop factor). The 500 is an amazing camera, especially the high FPS rate and the dazzling AF speed and accuracy. It is also smaller and lighter than any of my FF bodies.

    Only negative that I can offer is that the hi ISO capabilities of the 500 are not as good and the big boy FF bodies. I find that anything north of say 1600 generally creates the need for some post processing work. Of course my last DX body was the D2X which was useless above ISO 400.

    I really do love what the D500 can do.

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