Nikon D5!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by erhin_peddersome, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. I had heard that Nikon is going to release a camera called a D5! Its
    supposed to be full frame 16 megapixel CCD sensor, weather proofing
    and all the features of the D1's, its modeled after the F5, and heres
    the best part... where the rewind knob would be on F5 the D5 has a
    mini power generator! If you're in the field and your batterys going
    dead you can squeeze about 20-50 more shots out of it by cranking it
    50 times. Also its supposed to have an air ionizer which repels dust
    away from the chip. If anyone else has heard about this please
    respond cause this sounds too good to be true!
  2. Exactly where did YOU hear this??
  3. And you guys call me a t---r---o---l---l---
  4. For those Michiganders in the know, a t-r-o-l-l is a resident of the Lower Peninsula: they are "below the bridge".

  5. Yeah, I heard about it. It's not a D5, it's a D2. It comes with instant internet access and a panic button linking the user with the critique forum. When the batteries are dead, you can still turn some kind of wheel that will give you two arbitrary numbers appearing in the aperture readout for aesthetic and originality.
  6. I heard it also comes with a can opener and toaster.
  7. And a microwave in the back for heating your handwarmers?
  8. ky2


    Does it take Leica M mount lenses?
  9. It takes ALL lenses. The quality better than a 12x20 banquet camera, and it will actually tell you if your framing and subject matter are up to snuff. With it ANYONE can take a picture worthy of Weston or Adams!
  10. You're wrong about the crank. It has a built in Einstein-Rosen bridge for power so you never need batteries unless you get to close to the event horizon . . .
  11. It will also work with only pre-AI lenses. But it will focus automatically via a motorized ring you clamp on the lenses focusing ring.

    Sounds like they'll need another body then, for higher speeds. 16mp won't allow that right now. Good thing though, can you imaging 7fps at 16mp? Yikes!
  12. You guys completely forgot to mention the "search and shoot" feature. When put on a special tripod with motors, it will move independently searching for perfect compositions with perfect lighting. All you have to do is push a button and a few hours later the camera will show up at your door with a CF card full of images perfect in every way.
  13. Wow, slow down a little bit. I need to digest the cool parts. So many of them, I almost faint:)

    Seriously, will F5 be the last film based pro camera made by Nikion? Any idea when will we see F6?
  14. Oh yeah, they also licensed technology from Sunpak so it'll be made out of Tritanium (like their tripods).

    And anyone caught violating their NDA to discuss this new unit will be seriously abused with an F5 (in and of itself a deadly weapon in the right hands).
  15. Good gosh - while this debate is amusing I'll answer the question about the F6 - what more could you possibly want out of a film body that the F5 doesn't have ?
  16. Less weight and a built in cappuccino machine? That would be top on my list, that's for damn sure.
  17. The California version has a small pyramid on top to mellow your film!
  18. Nikon is actually abandoning DSLRs altogether, in favor of various flavors of Coolpix.
  19. the most amazing feature of the D5 (realease date May 2003) is that it will sport a connection for your cellular that will allow you to transmit your files without a computer anywhere in the world... laptop companies stock is falling cause of this. Save that money for an extra lens is the common advice. It is nikon purpose too to make this camera afordable, in the range of a F100... I really regret having bought one 2 months ago, but hey anyone heard something about an exchange policy?
  20. by the way i don´t like the toaster feature, yes the microwave...can opener still don´t know may be handy from time to time
  21. fpa


    In response to the hypothetical F6 question "what more could you want over the F5":

    For it to be all mechanical, and the size/weight of an F2? Maybe some newer alloy to cut the weight, and the shutter fires at all speeds without batteries.
  22. So what you want fred is an F2.
  23. a digital f2 would be nice.....

    surley somebody could do it, replacing the film door and adding bit to the bottom of the camera like an npc polaroid back/data back+MD combo.
  24. Too late, Nikon just announced the D5 is discontinued but the D6 should be introduced in prototype form this spring, to arrive in stores in (ahem) the fourth quarter.

    Unless the D7 is ready for prototype kiss and tell by then.
  25. "what more could you possibly want out of a film body that the F5 doesn't have?"

    I want the focusing indicators to light up in red like the F100 does. I want it to be lighter than it is now. More like the F100. I want it to focus as fast in low light as the F100 does. Basically they should just change the name of the F100 to F5.
  26. Better yet, change to N65 and charge only $250.00 for it!
  27. fpa


    What I have is an F2, but it's aging and the supply of repair parts is diminishing as well. I've handled its alleged successors, and still think it's the sweet-spot of 35mm design. So, what I would want is for Nikon to follow the Leica-M evolution: a few improvements that actually matter, and otherwise leave the Right Thing alone. Somehow, I fail to see how inflating a 35mm to the size of a P67 was an improvement.

    Actually, a digital body built around the F2 design would be a near-perfect combination. Real SLR, but comfortable to use in the field and on the run.
  28. Fred, all you have to do is to invest in Silicon Film.


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