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  1. All,
    having had a D5 for nearly a week, it was time to shoot a basketball game last night (Sheffield Sharks at Manchester Giants in the BBL). The results are in a web directory if anyone wants to see a few.
    I shot the first quarter with the D5 and the second with the trusty D700. Both with the 70-200 VR II and trying to keep as many settings the same across both. There are out-of-camera JPGs and RAW for each.
    As expected, the noise level is greatly improved over the D700 allowing for shooting easily at ISO 6400, along with the improved White Balance and the snappy Auto-Focus, and of course the increased frame-rate. A nice surprise was just how clear the viewfinder image was over the D700. The Quiet mode will come in handy as well for some sports, and I did use the function to set the frame-rate on CL and CH as well - 12 frames a second will be used sparingly. The tracking features offer more options to tweak for different sports - I got less out-of-focus shots last night from players running across the frame in-between me and the focus point.
    The AF-ON button for vertical shooting did seem just a tad too much to the left when my thumb was looking for it and the movement of the Mode button on top will take a little bit of getting used to. But overall it felt pretty good straight out of the box.
    The free 32Gb card works well - I didn't push the burst past about 15/16 frames on a test - but a 128Gb card will be needed to get a good day's shooting done, perhaps manage with a 64Gb card to go in slot 1 and the 32Gb card in slot 2? (the freebie is the 400x version not the newer 433x version).
    I'll still use the D700 quite happily for outdoor sports, but it will always be second out of the bag now for indoor work.
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    Andy, thanks for the samples. It should surprise no one that the D5 is considerably better than the D700 for indoor sports, since the D700 is essentially a D3 and there are 8 years of technological advances in between.
    What is your overall impression on the D5 so far? Any negatives?
    BTW, ePhotozine's D5 review is out:
    As far as I can tell, so far all the impression for the D5 is quite positive. However, given how good the D4S already is, the D5 improvements don't seem to be that drastic. When you jump from the D3/D700 or D3S to the D5, the differences become more pronounced.
  3. Andy
    Remember to clean the glass on your D700 viewfinder :)
  4. Your D5 shots appear to be shot at ISO 4000 while your D700 shots are at ISO 6400. Not that anyone would expect a D700 to produce the clean results of the high ISO D5, but this it necessarily a fair comparison. And of course post processing comes into play, expecially when it comes to NR.
    I am not questioning whether the D5 is improved in every way over its predecessors, but when it comes to IQ at higher ISOs, older bodies like the D3/D700 can provide improved results now that approaches the results of newer bodies by processing RAW images with state-of-the-art image processing software.
    Frankly if I had a D5, I would never even think to use an older body.
  5. I love DxO's PRIME NR. It really does a great job of reducing noise while maintaining details.

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