Nikon D3s/D3/D700 wedding shooters what setting are you using?

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by jordan_nicolette, May 14, 2010.

  1. I'm curious to know what other d3s/d3/d700 wedding shooters are using for there settings in the picture control menu. On my d3s I have 
    been using Standard with nothing tweaked. I have also be using neutral with +1 saturation and 5 sharpening. What are y'all using? 
  2. I have been using the same. Only because it looks most like the RAW file I process. I hate seeing the nice camera adjusted photo, then getting let down when I see the raw =). This way it looks close to what I see in the RAW.
  3. Standard settings here
  4. Shoot in RAW. Then use Capture NX2 to exactly show how any possible in-camera setting would have looked, should you have used it. NX2 will render the same JPG output that the camera would have, while using any of the camera's native picture control settings. It's the perfect way to answer your own question, and you can check any given shot in a completely non-destructive way. You can get a 60-day free trial of NX2 from Nikon.
  5. duno bout nikon, but doesn't shooting in raw negates all those settings?
  6. No. The RAW file carries with it all of the settings that the camera would have used if it were rendering a JPG on the fly. That way their own software (like NX2, or View NX) can pick up right where the camera left off ... or, you can change it any way you like. That's one of the main reasons to use Nikon's RAW converters: because their software completely understands all of the extra camera-related data that rides along with the RAW files.
  7. i shoot NEFs and use neutral picture control setting. besides checking the histogram periodically to be sure my exposures are where they ought to be, my attention is fixed on capturing the event, not the in-camera jpegs. i use ViewNX and NX2 after the fact to apply whatever processing is required to produce the finished work.
  8. Hi have D700
    i shoot in raw using aperture settings for 95% of pictures and manual for the rest.
    I use aperture 3 for processing and transfer them to iphoto for the last section
    Its so much quicker than photoshop and i'm not one for taking a picture then totally changing it in photoshop.
  9. I shoot RAW. I know the jpg vs raw debate verges on fanatical but a wedding is the one one place I will always shoot raw due to lack of lighting control, criticality of many of the shots and white dress/dark suit issue.
  10. Thanks for all your help!
    I just raw also. Once an a while I shoot jpeg.
    I use lightroom but I want to try NX2.
  11. I used customized setting with little tweak on saturation, contract and sharpening. Some Canon shooters start using JPG now because of the large file size of 5D II. For our Nikon shooters, it is not a problem so far. RAW all the way!

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