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  1. I'm hoping that Santa will bring me a D300S (Yes, I'll even believe in Santa if it means I get this camera!!!) and would like to be able to print off a copy of it's manual prior to getting it. For some reason Nikon block off the option to print this which restricts the oportunity I have to study it. Two points: Firstly, why do they do this ? ? ? I would have thought this is one of the best selling articles for any camera, so the more people can read it the better! Secondly, does anyone know where I can download a copy - or am I now being very naughty???? Well if you don't ask . . . . . Thanks in anticipation ! ! Pete.
  2. Firstly, why do they do this ?
    Who knows, since anyone with a valid serial number for any Nikon product can download a printable version. And it's fairly easy to obtain said s/n, even if you don't own any Nikon products. But their* reasoning is "To protect against copyright infringement, all user manuals published since August 2008 are non-printable."
    (*Nikon Europe site)
    All it really serves to do is REALLY ANNOY potential customers, as anyone intent on copyright infringement (and we all know there is a flourishing black market in instruction manuals for currently available cameras) can easily circumvent the restriction.
  3. Firstly, why do they do this ? ? ?​
    Because they think adobe is the only company that makes software to work with PDF files. Enter non-adobe PDF software - like ghostscript...
  5. You can download a non-printable version to read on your computer at the above link.
  6. Thanks for your comments guys. It's amazing how there is always some very "restricted thinking" even in the best organisations, but thanks to your initiative I have now downloaded a free PDF file unlocker and hey what do know . . . . . Martha thanks for your input, but the link you mention only allows either: printable via serial number entry, or the non-printable version, but thanks anyway.
  7. The Nikon manual for the D-300 does have a copyright notice up front that prohibits someone from copying, storing, and transmitting any part of the manual using any electronic means. The reason they do this is that they obviously want to retain these rights for themselves and not give them away. If you need a copy of the manual, they obviously want you to contact them (or an authorized vendor) and order a new one. That purchase helps keep them in business.
    It's really not unusual for corporations to prohibit customers from making unathorized copies of their product literature or manuals. Since they developed t he manual and the camera, they do have the right to specificate the copyrights. Whether the customer or potential customers like t hat or not is another issue.
    To stay legal and moral you need to honor any clearly stated copyrights on any type of media, including camera manuals. That will keep you on the sunny side, both for your concience and as far as the copyright laws are concerned.
    You should be able to be able to make an informed purchasing decision about the D300s from all the other available info already out there, w/o having to feel you need to make a copy of the owner's manual.
  8. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for your response but I'm afraid I can't agree with you on this point. To address your last point first. I am not wanting this manual to help me decide whether to purchase this camera - that decision has already been taken. As far as the copyright issues are concerned: as a general principal I accept the reasoning, but sadly I feel society as a whole and large companies especially, have lost sight of common sense and "the objective" allowing themselves to be carried away on this modern wave of beareucratic rightiousness. WHAT IS THE MANUAL FOR? Surely it is to give users help and guidance in using the item. I do not wish to utilize this for any other purpose other than what it was conceived and produced for - to learn about the camera. If I were wanting it for some other alterior unauthordox / immoral purpose, then yes I would have an issue with concience, but Nikon spend millions on advertising and promoting their products trying to get people to buy their products. To penalise a genuine customer by charging for an user aid - that I do feel is immoral, especially with the high price charged in the first instance.
    To keep this in context: If Nikon feel so threatened by copyright issues, why produce one at all? Common sense dictates that anyone wanting to use this for any reason other than it's intended purpose will get hold of one regardless of protocol. As one of the previous contributors to this thread commented "the only affect it has is to annoy genuine enquirers". COME ON NIKON - THINK THIS THROUGH AND JOIN THE REAL WORLD. I hope I haven't caused offence Alan - None intended.
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    The stupid part of this whole thing is that Nikon (USA, Europe, etc.) makes the manual available for anybody to download. So I don't see that they have any copyright concern there. But somehow they want to prevent you from printing it.
    To me, that doesn't make any sense.
  10. It feels like some bright light found this option in PDF creation, and convinced some program manager it was good to have 2 different PDF files for customers with SN or not... silly, yes. But all companies have these irrational quirks.
    So, if you have the printable PDF... if the D300s manual is like the D300 manual... be sure to put enough paper in your printer! The manual is about the same weight as the D300 itself ;-)
  11. Yes, I really think Nikon are out of touch here. Thanks for your input guys.

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