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  1. Rightly, or wrongly I've noticed here ,and on other sites what seems to be a greater number of problems arising with the D300 then with other cameras. I have gotten one myself recently, and so far I haven't had any problems, but it do make me wonder. Is there a problem with Nikon's quality control, as compared with Canon, or is this just a fluke? Previously I owned a Canon 40D, and rarely if ever read about any problems with their cameras.
  2. What problems? I see that some people do not understand some of the things that this complicated camera can do and need help and advise. Mine works fine too. the 300 is the 'gold standard' for a dx fomat.
  3. Mine works fine too the d300 is A1
    Ummm, yeah.
    DSLRs are highly complex pieces of machinery, so a certain number of issues is to be expected. If you look hard enough you'll be able to find people complaining about problems with virtually any camera. In my experience, both Nikon and Canon do an excellent job of keeping these problems to a minimum, and addressing them when they do appear.
  5. And, without going into technical info on how complicated this camera is- people are very quick about complaining about something and blaming camera- when very often it's just user lack of knowledge- that actually leaving positive opinions about it.
    I think that's just human nature.
  6. user mistakes and a lot of camera's sold=more problems. Not only just because of the numbers, but a lot of unexperienced people buy a very complex D300 are disappointed and blame the camera.
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    Bruce, early on, a small number of D300 had the so called "false battery low" problem that was eventually fixed via a firmware change. To say the least, it was an extremely annoying problem for those who were affected:
    Otherwise, the D300 has been excellent. I bought one of the earliest ones and have had no problems at all after a little more than a year.
    Most of the complaints on the web are due to user errors and people not reading the manual. It is simply a lot easier to post a question to a forum and complain than doing your own homework. That happens to just about any DSLR. If you haven't seen much of those for the 40D, you haven't looked hard enough, but Chris Court helped you out above.
  8. Very true Hans.
    You are probably reading more complaints about the D300 because there are a huge number of sets sold. As such, the probability of "faulty" sets will increase.
    But as mentioned by the rest, there are also a lot of times where the fault lies in the users because of their lack of knowledge. It also does not help that the D300 was launched to excellent reviews and there are people expect miracles from it. Once they realise that camera is not able to work miracles on its own, there will be complaints.
    All these complaints do not surprise me because as Hans said, there are a lot of inexperienced people buying the D300. I do know a number of people buying it as their first camera. I guess this could be due to the fact that the price difference between a camera like the D90 is not that far from the D300.
    I think there will also be a slow increase of complaints about the D700 because (despite its price) has a following of first time DSLR owners buying.
  9. My thinking is that there are a lot more of those cameras out there than many others, and it's simply a matter of probability. There's an old farmer joke that asks, "Which produces more wool, white sheep or black sheep?" The answer is white sheep, because there are more of them.
    Kent in SD
  10. I got mine the day they came out in Japan. There have been no problems with this camera. When I got my D700, I kept the D300 because I like it that much and for some things, it's a good choice.
  11. If you check carefully you will discover a high percentage of the D300 complaints came from a very small number of individuals--especially when compared to the number of cameras sold. Most came from folks who didn't read the manual. Plus, I believe there are some complainers who like to jab the brand of camera they don't use and pose as disgrutled owners.
  12. DPR had a quite a few threads about the 'low battery' problem but if you look at them closely, it was the same people posting to all of them. Really, it was a statistically insignificant number of cameras that seemed to be affected and the problem is now totally gone.
    There have also been quite a few threads about funky metering with the D80. But then, you will see complaints also about Canon's 40D, 50D, and even their new 5D.
    All of them share one thing in common.......... they are electronic. Just like with computers, things can go wrong but as said, most of these 'complaints' are simply user error. FWIW, I have had a D300 for over a year and still consider it to be the finest DX camera made to date.
  13. As someone whose first foray into DSLRs was a D70 that eventually died a blinking green light death*, I say, umm, no. I don't think that the D300 is seeing a higher rate of problems than any other camera. I've not had a single solitary problem with mine. I already have more actuations on it than all my other cameras over a lifetime of use. It is an amazing tool.
    *which Nikon replaced with a D70s even though it finally died outside of the warranty period. Thanks Nikon.
  14. Thanks for the replies folks. My question was prompted by a guy on Imaging Resource who said that the "monitor" on his D300 didn't work straight out of the box, and by previous complaints I've read here, and elsewhere recently. Thanks again, Bruce
  15. I have had my D300 for a year and it has been completely reliable, no problems whatsoever. I agree that many who complain probably just haven't read or understand the manual.
  16. Bruce,
    I got mine the day they were released in the US. It still works & has all the time - worked like a champ. I probably have about 35,000 actuations on mine by now.
    The battery problem seemed to show up for some people - early versions were a huge reason by many - Mine is an early copy, no problems.
    I love my D300 & am very happy with it. So far no issues at all.
    Lil :)
  17. bruce, try not to be so pessimistic. speaking as a D300 owner, i add my voice to the others above who have no complaints. your experience will probably be just as positive. the D300 is highly rated and a commercial success -- neither of which would be the case if it were as flaky as your sources claim.
  18. I had dust leaking in under the rear LCD. Nikon repaired it under warranty but it took them three tries so the problem was their poor repair facilities. The last time it was returned to me it was accompanied by a rather nasty note stating this was not something covered by warranty and they only repaired it as a "courtesy" one last time. The camera got virtually no use when the problem re-appeared! Let's hope this last repair last.
  19. My D300 is the "Cats Meow". It just don't better than this.
  20. Bruce, the imaging resource guy's experience and Sanford's experience can happen to any camera. I do not think that there is one camera line that has never experienced problems with any of their cameras.
    Sure it sucks, but these are in the vast minority and there are far more people who are enjoying their cameras.
    Sanford, hope your camera gets fixed soon.
  21. I've only had one issue in the year I've owned the D300.
    It complete froze up on a shoot last September. It had fresh batteries (EN-EL3e) and was powered but wouldn't respond to any control attempt. After turning it on and off several times didn't unfreeze it I replaced the batteries with fresh ones. That didn't work either. Finally I uncoupled the MB-D10 and reattached it. That worked. Everything powered right up and has worked normally since. Don't know the exact nature of the problem but I solved it so alls well that ends well.
    Again, that's the ONLY problem I've had with D300. Which is one problem more than I've had with a N6006, F90X, F100, D100, D200, or D1X. So if you're picky I suppose you could think that NIkon's quality control is slipping. I'm not picky.
  22. Hi guys,
    Nikon just released a firmware update for the D 300, that corrects some problems here and there, one of them was a focus problem which I had with my D 300,is very easy to do.
  23. I have had my D300 for 1.6 years. (>70,000 clicks so far) If you don't like this camera then you don't know how to use the camera. I am not surprised. I find something new every month and I know what I am doing. If you don't need this good of a camera then get one of the very nice point and shoot models that Ashton Kutchner sells for Nikon. They are wonderful. This (the D300) is a real camera not just an automatic in a large heavy case. As such, It is possible to set it up wrong and end up with a junk photo. But it is also possible to translate real photographic and artistic knowledge and desire into reality. And then do it again and again. How many people have picked up your camera and tried to look at the LCD to see the subject and take a picture. I just smile. I used to think a picture was nothing more than f-stop, shutter speed and ISO. I used to be right. I used to think digital electronics were just analog toys with noise. I used to be right. I am an expert in human perception, information theory and human factors engineering. I truly understand the information content difference between analog and digital. I have lived from analog to digital and the current capability of digital has turned the human brain on its ear. This camera is a significant step in a very exciting direction.

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