Nikon D300 + MLU and timer

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hugh_sakols, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Is it possible to use the self timer and MLU at the same time? Earlier on this
    forum someone mentioned that it was possible to incorporate the timer and mlu
    with a second delay. I've been a medium format landscape guy for the last 8
    years and want to see what this baby can do in raw 14 bit mode secured to a
    large sturdy gitzo 1325 tripod and mlu - but of course I now need to get a new
    electronic trigger release. As a side note, I didn't choose this camera just for
    landscapes. However, I have a number a quality nikon lenses that have had dust
  2. You are looking for Exposure Delay mode, it is at d9 in the Custom Setting Menu.

    An inexpensive remote shutter release from eBay (about $20) is a better solution.
  3. Thanks Anthony,
    Yes I'm planning on finding an ebay trigger or ordering from Gadget Infinity.
  4. I doubt you will see any advantage to MLU except in the critical range of 1/15 to 1 second. Even then... The self-timer alone is sufficient to reduce camera shake to a negligible level.

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