Nikon D2X price and availability announcement

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  1. From the Press Release by Nikon:

    Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce pricing and availability for its
    highly anticipated D2X professional digital SLR camera. The camera
    will begin shipping on February 25, 2005 with a suggested street
    price of $4999.95 (MSRP $6299.95). Designed as a truly versatile
    workhorse camera for many professional disciplines, the 12.4 million-
    pixel D2X blends for the first time the high levels of resolution
    commercial clients demand with superb image quality, color
    consistency and class-leading speed. The D2X can comfortably shoot
    full resolution 12.4 million pixel images at 5 frames per second (up
    to 21 consecutive JPEGS and 15 NEFs), and when the situation demands
    yet faster frame rates, the D2X has a unique 6.8 megapixel 'High
    Speed Cropped Image' mode that boosts the shooting rate to 8 frames
    per second (up to 35 consecutive JPEGs or 26 NEFs) by cropping the
    number of pixels used on the sensor to create the image.

    The D2x also supports a range of exclusive options that greatly
    enhance the camera?s capabilities. Nikon?s newly introduced WT-2A Wi-
    Fi transmitter achieves full wireless remote camera control and
    transmission, while the revolutionary i-TTL Speedlight technology
    included in the D2X ensures radical new possibilities in wireless
    creative lighting.

    Nikon has also announced pricing and availability for its
    all-new AF-S VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED super-telephoto lens that
    features Nikon's remarkable

    Vibration Reduction (VR) technology. Initial deliveries of the lens
    will begin in January of 2005, with an MSRP of $5,999.00. The AF-S
    VR Nikkor 300mm f/2.8G IF-ED is the first lens to incorporate Nikon's
    new Nano-Crystal AR Coat, which demonstrates superior anti-reflective
    properties to virtually eliminate ghost and flare to provide clear
    and vivid images when shooting under powerful sunlight or indoors
    under spotlights.
  2. I'm just curious, what are the sensor dimensions on this camera?
  3. It is a Nikon DX size sensor -- the same height and width as in all Nikon DSLR cameras to
    date. I was talingto Lindsay Silverman at Nikon about this yesterday, Nikon's thinking
    apparently is:
    how large is the real market for a a camera with a 24x36mm sensor at a street price of
    $7-8,000 (US)? Even Canon will tell you "very small" compared to the market for a camera
    priced at under $5K.

    But they aren't saying they won't do ever build a camera with a 24x36mm sensor, just not
    right now. reading between the lines they are waiting for large sensor manufacturing costs
    to fall.
  4. Even as a satisfied Canon user I have to admire this feature. Just curious: does the camera have two crop factors? If so, what are they?
  5. With the "super cropped" frame the effective multiplier is 2x.

    For the same price you can get a Canon 1D mark II, with 8MP, a 1.3x and the same frame rate (8fps), though the D2X is 12MP when using all the sensor.

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