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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by john.mathieson, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Suddenly my D200 started behaving very badly - hugely underexposed images, exposure factors way off. Also, it
    would not autofocus properly. Seems to me like a major software problem.

    I have stopped using it - thinking that it is dead - and not worth spending any money repairing - but thought I
    would ask here to see what others think. I wonder if there is some kind of firmware update I could at least try.
  2. Have you tried resetting it to factory defaults? Fresh/different battery(ies)?
  3. If you can't get it working, you can send it to Nikon for a free, no obligation repair estimate.
  4. I would first and foremost remove the batteries and let it set for a week .. since you're not using it now, you must have back up .. the idea is to let the internal capacitor discharge .. and then reinsert a fresh battery.

    I don't know how much you've played with menus .. but getting everything back to default .. like it came from the factory seems to be in order. I would also call Nikon's customer service and see what they have to say .. I really have not heard of a lot of D200 problems.

    I'm reminded that the D200 is more "computer" than "camera" .. and as such, a lot of little things can and do happen over the course of time to software .. that the camera may even malfunction in the presence of harsh electromagnetic radiation from power lines, etc. and, sometimes a card problem is seen as a camera problem ... or, there is some grime on an electrical contact .. the list appears endless when problems arise. It is for these reasons that I don't buy digital used .. and a strong argument for keeping a digital camera with a warranty .. or periodically, just upgrading. (which of course, is the ideal environment for camera dealers).
  5. I'm gather you've tried swapping the lens to exclude it as suspect?
  6. Have you tried Reinstalling the software and changing batteries?
  7. mjt


    Have you applied the latest firmware update? Drain the battery<br />
    completely and charge it. Ensure all contacts are clean.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions - I had let it sit without power - no help. I will reinstall the firmware, and if that doesn't help, I will take it to a dealer to send to Nikon - I didn't know estimates were free.

    I did try different lenses - no better. Not the lens. I also have a D300 and the same lenses are fine on it.

    I did NOT purchase any kind of extended warranty - might have been a good idea. But, I think camera bodies have basically become disposable, with a lifespan like a laptop or less. To be a good consumer I guess I should just buy the D700, then the D800, D900 ..............
    At least my lenses are worth what I paid for them.
  9. I had a similar problem with my D 200 except for the AF matter. The cause was "me." I had inadvertantly pushed a button that set something I had not wanted to set, like bracketed exp compensation that resulted in really strange exposures. I fixed it by resetting the default for that shooting bank to the default and reset my desired settings carefully. Joe Smith
  10. I was recently baffled with the same problem with my D200. Gross under or over exposure. Tried everything I could think of. Finally spoke to Nikon who correctly suggested that I reset camera to factory specs, which worked. Funny how you forget the basics sometimes. I still have no idea how I caused this problem.
  11. Interesting thread...
    when I was in Japan, I was having some really bad issues with my D200 over exposing my shots. It had some really bad difficulties as I found with the white balancing. For some reason now, if I set it to Auto WB mode, the exposure is quite off but if I choose my own WB modes, IE flash or direct sunlight, it exposes quite nicely. Maybe I need to reset mine as well?
  12. It is always a good idea t restore to factory settings, especially when a reliable NIKON begins to give wonky exposure
    values. The comments here have all been good but I must add something.

    If you follow the advice in this forum but still get wonky results, you may have a central processor that is no longer working. I
    know of two cases in the D200 where this occurred. Though pretty rare because NIKON makes simply great products,
    remember that at the end of the day, we are holding computers with magnificents lenses attached.

    John, let me know what the outcome is with your D200.

    Good Luck

    Asher Fine
  13. John,

    I would not take it to the dealer & have them send it in. I'd send it in myself. Reason is simple. I used to work for a company which repair lightmeters for camera people. On more than one occasion did I find out that the dealers & camera stores added money to the estimates for their "part" of the deal.

    Send it in by yourself - - you'll save some money I'm sure

    Lil :)

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