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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by lisa_lowden, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. hi. anyone out there still use the d1 and still find it viable and useful
    today even though it is an oldie, but goodie. comments welcome. lisa

    Bjorn does.

    Some like older cameras for their IR/UV capabilities.

    Do people stop film? no, it's still big.
  3. I dunno. I quite enjoy using the older stuff and hey if its A4 only or a few A3 .. Just today I was playing around with my old PC from 1998 - AMD 200Mhz (0.2Ghz) and it was cool. I reloaded the software and got rid of Internet Explorer, maybe I put Firefox in, Windows 95. Not that I need to, but if we needed a guest room and hey this PC does it, I even wired the ADSL router on it and I was surfing broadband ;D - does all the email and MS Word stuff.

    I can see how a D1 can be attractive tho. I am eyeing a D2h or something. Been looking at a Fm2n and a F75 as well ... After sometime with the D70, I don't want to spend any big bucks. Camera is a camera and old stuff can be interesting..
  4. pge


    My main camera is a d200 but I have a d1 that I use also. Its a great camera in its own right, absolutely built like a tank, and takes a very workable 2.75 megapixel photo. I take it to places where I don't want to risk my d200, on sun vacations, where it is going to have to sit in a car for long periods, that sort of thing.
  5. I still use my D1, too! I'm trying to wean myself from always shooting it in RAW by tuning it to give decent JPEGs right out of the camera - I find the D1 NEF workflow to be tedious compared to newer bodies. If I can't tune it to my liking, I'll just keep it for an IR body.

    However, I'd be lying if I said I'd grab the D1 before my new D300!
  6. Still like to use my d1h. Great well made body decent AF and one great price used.
  7. hi. i have and use a d1 and an f5 and i like them very much. thanks for responding. lisa
  8. If I may I'd like to throw in the pot a D1X. I deliberately chose this over a D200 after trying both. The prices are very good and it is a viable upgrade over the D1. File sizes are in keeping and Lightroom opens the RAWs interpolating them automatically. RAW workflow is seemless to updated standards. I use L/R and CS2. Doing ones job and depending on what you want very little PPing is necessary.
    The body has a better more user friendly menu system I believe. No need for a cheat sheet.

    OOPS, Never mind. I should have read the whole thread. You have a D1. With that I know several photographers who use and make money with their D1's. Still wonderful pictures from these oldies.

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