Nikon D-200 with Metz 76 MZ-5

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jack_a, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. I am considering switching from the Nikon FM-2 to the D-200. I was
    wondering if anyone knows whether or not you can use a Metz 76 MZ-5
    digital strobe (or 45 cl 4) instead of Nikon's sb-800? I typically
    mount my FM-2 on a stroboframe bracket and use the Metz 60 CT-4
    strobe; just looking to enter the 21st century...Thanks for any
    comments and/or suggestions (my application is wedding photography
    and have never used, or know anything about digital photography).
  2. From the Metz website. Regards
  3. Jack, you can use the D200 in manual exposure mode and control your flash the same way you do when shooting with your FM2.

    If you want to use TTL flash wizardry, you need a flash unit that "speaks" Nikon's proprietary iTTL language.

    Do you want to use TTL flash? Certainly, if you spend $1,700 for a new Nikon digital body, you might at least consider the wisdom of using the iTTL capability...

    Metz is great if you have multiple camera systems, because you can just buy the adapters for each system (and thereby avoid buying a new dedicated FLASH for each system). I have a Metz 45 unit and I can use it with my Nikon N90s, my FM3A or my 50-year-old Rolleiflex. For that matter, I can use it with several of my 1970s-era rangefinders... anything in the house with a PC connector. I could also hook up my SB-28 to those cameras with a PC cable... although I haven't.

    Here's the real deal. If you're just going to use the Nikon digital system, the dedicated speedlight (e.g. SB800) is probably just as cost-effective and gives you the best possible compatibility for the automagical electronics.

    It's also easier to keep a Nikon SB800 balenced on a bracket right above the lens axis... Metz potato mashers either live slightly to the side (shadows go the wrong way) or sit WAAAAY up on top of the bracket, which seems topheavy to me.

    But photons are photons, and you already know how to work with flash calculations in your head, so perhaps the automagic stuff isn't a strong selling point for you.

    Be well,
  4. I believe SCA stands for "Slave Control Adapter". Metz makes Digital SCA, that could possibly trigger or get triggered by Nikon flashes or built-in flashes in Nikon cameras. (perhaps is intelligent enough to skip some - or hopefully all pre-flashes cause by iTTL ?).

    This is long way to full compatibility with Nikon new flash system. Everything depends how you intend to use Metz, and the limitations that you could live with ?

    Make sure that the flash you purchase is not only the SCA compatible, but also is the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) compatible, and that includes the Nikon iTTL lighting mode.
  5. hi
    i have a d70 with a 70 mz-5 and it dose almost everything. i will look over my book but i know it will match iso, fstop, zoom of lens and af assist. the af is better then the sb's in my opinion althouth ive only tried and do not own an sb flash. when i purchased my 70 mz the sca module (3402) was at m3, now its up to m5. i live near bogen so when the sca is updated i just bring it there and they do a firmware update to bring it up to the current m ver. i know it dose ttl but im not sure if it all nikon ttl's , but im pretty sure it will do anythink the sb800 or 600 will do. now mine is only a 70 not a 76 so im sure it will work great on any camera you choose. i will say that i found its actually more reliable in auto mode then ttl. while it dose work ttl it seems to have more blow out pics then in auto. and i figure that then camera might be 1700 but it has a sensor, shutter af motor, ect..ect. the 76 mz-5 is just a flash with no other function and it cost i belive about 850 ( eg ttl really and i mean really hates glass and mirrors, but the 70 mz-5 set in auto dose just fine). i am biased because i have always used metz flashes and dont like to buy flashes that are made by camera makers. i actually just got something from metz, that if i turn in a metz flash (from what i could tell, any) and get a 76 mz-5 for 637. seems like a good deal so im going to get it. sorry to be so long winded and such a bad speller, lol but here my two cents

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