Nikon Corretion Diopters ? FYI

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  1. The Nikon web site has a page of useful information about eyepiece
    correction lenses here:

    Some of the more interesting info there is:

    With the standard, clear glass eyepiece, the viewfinder has a base
    diopter value of ?1

    The marked value of correction lenses is the combined diopter value
    of the base viewfinder diopter value plus the actual diopter value of
    the correction lens. (e.g. a +1 correction diopter has an actual
    diopter value of +2).

    A neutral correction lens has +1 diopter value and gives the
    viewfinder a +/- 0.0 diopter value. It is not the same as the
    standard eyepiece lens.

    The apparent viewing distance of the viewfinder image is 1 meter.
  2. Just adding to the above, since it appears that there's either a misprint or a font issue, the base diopter value should read "negative one."
  3. Thanks Matt. Problem of writing posts in Word.

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