Nikon Coolscan V (LS-50 ED) Negative scanner

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  1. I recall posts covering film scanners but a search didn't reveal any. I have owned this scanner for many years and initially scanned most of my slides and negatives. I now need to bring this active one again but there seems no app suitable for my iMac. I did read that VueScan would be suitable but it doesn't recognise the scanner. Also would VueScan operate the scanner in that it needs to drive the scanner to move the negative strip into and within the scanner?

    Any help and advice would be appreciated. Brian
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  3. OS usually relies on drivers built into the operating system. I doubt they exist for a scanner long out of print. If you have Bootcamp or Parallels, you can try Vuescan in that venue. Since most if not all of the hard drive volumes attached to the Mac can be shared windowsWindows, you could scan as a PC and process as a Mac.

    I use Silverfast in Windows 7, since Nikonscan works only in XP and earlier. Silverfast provides all of the necessary drivers. It will process strips, but I haven't tried it with the roll feeder. Silverfast doesn't use all of the features built into the Nikon firmware, While adjusting individual frames prior to scanning is possible, it is much more difficult than in Nikonscan, which operates from thumbnails.

    Silverfast is available for the current OS 10.12 (Sierra) and earlier. The website ( offers full-function demo software (it adds "DEMO" tags throughout the image). Try before buying! I don't think the demo version expires, if you don't mind what look like bugs crawling over the images.

    Vuescan may work too, but only if it provides drivers. I was not impressed with Vuescan after using Nikonscan and Silverfast. Its main attraction is the low price.
  4. Vuescan will install a driver that works well with this scanner, which I have. Silverfast is absurdly expensive, and only works on one scanner, but it will also install a driver.
  5. I initially had trouble getting VuScan to recognise the scanner - not sure why - but it works fine.
    I can confirm that Nikon no longer supports this model. VuScan Pro does and with great results on colour negs. I can also confirm that it drives the negative strip forward after each scan.
    Thanks to all for replies.

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