Nikon CoolScan IV ED and Windows 10

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  1. Previously I have been able to interface this scanner with Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8.1 using the driver provided online by “Steel Chn.” Windows 10 as a native install on a new computer (HP Envy) is another matter altogether. In addition to the driver provided by Steel Chn, I have tried the following third party drivers without success:

    ControlSpace: Nikon Scan on 64-bit Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

    Axel Rietschin: Nikon LS-40 / LS-50 / LS-5000 Scanners on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit!

    I have also downloaded both Vuescan and Silverfast without success.

    I have several computers and this I find to be of significance: one of my legacy computers (HP Pavilion) running Windows 10 which I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro IS working with the “ControlSpace” driver (see above).

    Additionally other software applications are installing and running on the “Upgraded” computer, but not the new computer on which Windows 10 came installed.

    Anyone else have a similar experience/solution?
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  2. I found the solution for my problem* on

    *The text of the "Error" I was getting in Device Manager:

    This device cannot start (Code 10) Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.

    Quoting "boombastick:"

    21 Sep 2018#4

    this is limitation of the chip set.
    read more here:
    Not Enough USB Controller Resources? - Plugable

    And because i have worked with many asrock haswell systems the solution is simple.
    Or go in the uefi bios and disable the USB 3.0 controller and leave all the ports as usb2.0 (intel usb.3 mode disabled) or buy an USB 3 pcie controller.

    Keep in mind that controller with USB 3.0 that have the vl805 chip don't work with asrock z97 motherboards.Buy a pcie usb3.0 with Renesas chip-set.

    The PCIe USB Controller Card was the route I went as I had already installed it to increase the number of 3.0 ports and viola, my scanner is installed.
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  3. Hopefully your beloved fossil doesn't croak anytime soon.
  4. Are you saying that the directions on this link does not work? Now you are getting me worried. ;) I bought an LS-5000 two months ago but have not installed it yet (many years ago I used LS-4000 with a Vista laptop).

    According to the seller, he used it on Windows 8 and 10 with no problem. He also said to download "". Please let me know.
  5. Same story here. Nikon Scan and the scanners will still work on computers upgrading from Win 98 all the way to Win 10, albeit applying the workarounds found on the internet.
    A new install of Win 10 however refuses to cooperate, and cannot be overruled.

    My solution is to keep Win 7 installs as boot option. No worries, as long as you do not connect to the web.
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  6. I am running a LS-50, the "baby brother"" of your LS-5000, under Windows 10 with no problems.

    1) Go here to download Nikon Scan 4.0.3 for Vista.

    2) If you do not have VueScan installed, go here and download VueScan. You will use the VueScan driver with Nikon Scan.
    LINK VueScan Scanner Software for macOS Catalina, Windows 10, and Linux

    3) Install VueScan. This will give you the driver you need for the LS-5000 under Windows 10. Also VueScan is an excellent program in its own right.

    4) Install Nikon Scan version 4.0.3. During the install process uncheck the box to install the drivers that come with Nikon Scan. These are Vista specific and will NOT work under Windows 10.

    5) Start Nikon Scan; it will use the VueScan drivers that you installed in step 3 above. The order of the steps are important; you must install VueScan before Nikon Scan.
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  7. Thanks. I will refer to these advices when I am ready to install the scanner. Somehow I believe that the process may be a pain but it would work somehow. Thank you so much.
  8. I followed your directions and it worked without a hitch on my Windows10 right from the first test slide!

    So far I have scanned 10 slides using SF-210 and no slide was jammed. I remember my old one (not sure if it was the same model) jammed every now and then.

    The question I have now is whether "Digital Ice" is working with VueScan by default, or do I need to do something else. Don't see the wordage pop up anywhere.

    Thank you so much!
  9. Found it. Digital Ice needs to be activated. Now I am not sure whether to leave it on as default. The slides do look pretty clean, so far.

    I am happy to reacquaint with my slides. Here's a view of Mount McKinley. I remember I liked some other McKinley shots better but I will need to find them. So much work.
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  10. Glad everything worked out, Mary.

    If you use Nikon Scan 4.0.3, you can specify output as RAW. Nikon Scan will output a NEF file which Lightroom (at least my Lightroom 6.14) will recognize and process in the Develop module just as it would one taken with a Nikon DSLR or ILC. I assume you will want to catalog your scans in Lightroom Library and tag them with Keywords.

    VueScan has an option to output DNG RAW files.

    Enjoy your scanning.
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  11. Thanks for the tip. I just tried and it's great! :)
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