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  1. Hello All,
    Any idea why Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanners are backordered on all major vendor websites for quite some time now? Anyone bought it recently (last 3 month), if so where?
    I am getting a little confused about Nikon's plans for this product.
    Thank you,
  2. Nikon manufactures items in batches, depending on current stock and anticipated demand. It could be more sinister. While Nikon lists the LS-9000 as their only film scanner, they could be selling down inventory with no plans to make more.
    LSD-9000's are available, mostly at auction, but at a premium. Expect to pay about double the list price. If you want one, don't wait. That's the way it is with film products.
  3. According to Shutterbug magazine, the Nikon 9000 is no longer in production, and will no longer be produced. I was on the waiting list for ages at BH and finally got an email from them saying the item was being removed from all waiting lists and they did not anticipate having any more of the scanners in stock. About your only option now is Ebay. There are usually always some new ones there from reputable dealers, however the price is often near or over the $3000 point. Even decent used ones are selling for well over $2000. The product is obviously in high demand by a hard core film user base, but I suppose it is not enough of a money generator for Nikon to keep producing it. Corporate profits before satisfying a select few.
  4. Many companies keep items in their catalog to help sell the stuff glues on dealers shelves due to low demand.
    Thus Kodak had new lenses for the Retina Reflex in their 1976 catalog; when last batch was from the Johnson or Nixon era.
    Company still might have pink 7" electric erasing machine erasers on a web site today; when they were last made in 2006.
    Some NYC dealers still have new enlarging lenses on their sites when none have been made for many years.
    Here I have some new old stock items that were made when Eisenhower or Kennedy was president.
    One has several things; some stuff is made in batches. If the demand is steady enough another batch might be built; if not the tooling might be mothballed. Look at Ford; they dusted off and repressed new wheellcovers for 1965 mustangs in both 13 and 14" sizes in Canada in 1979; when there was a growing demand again.
    it is baffling why folks dwell about if an item is in production or not; when new items are on dealers shelves sitting unsold. Scanners are NOT in high demand;l that is why they are being dropped.
    The same goes with some photographers; if you peddle your images at a local swap meet and your cat image #37 about never sells; you might do the evil bastard corporate profits thing and not print some for awhile; you carry the same dozen cat #37 images each month in the car; and work them off over 36 to 48 months. Maybe the light bulb about costs and bloaded inventory will go off when you buy 500 bucks worth of paper and ink; "gee do I print up another 5 years worth of cat#37 image ???"
    **** Here I just bought SPARE Nikon 9000 within the last week via ebay; it was about 2700 to 2800 bucks; the list price is 2199.95 on Nikons web site:
    Last week called up the seller and he said his camera store got them new from Nikon about 2 weeks ago.
    Thus we have the situation where folks are worried if an item is being built this day or not; *BUT* the item maker still has NEW units in pipeline; not at dealers yet.
    One really does *NOT* know if Nikon will make another batch; or how deep the impacted bloaded inventory really is.
    An actual halt of fear of one creates a run; a demand for the last new units. While folks have been whining the last months here on; there have been probably 50 to 100 new Nikon 9000's sold on Ebay; sometimes several per day.
    So one has the situation where prices were a few hundred above list several months ago; and now about 500 to 650 above list.

    about None of the completed ebay auction for new in the box nikon 9000's went about 3000 bucks; the average is about 2600 to 2700 over the last 3 to 4 weeks

    One sold new in the box on may 2 for 2275; a whoping 75 bucks over list price; another about 3 weeks ago went for about 2100 new in the box; the buyer must have goofed.
    to sell at double list price would be 4400 bucks; about 1400 higher than any sold in the last 2 months; this a 2x premium is a fib
  5. There's quite a few available on Oboy right now.
  6. I guessed that the 9000 would go the way of the smaller Coolscans. When RW in the UK updated their web page to show it as 'discontinued' , I ordered one straight away. It arrived a few days later with packing stating 'Nikon Netherlands'. This was late Mar/ early April 2010.
  7. Is the angst:
    (1) that the production is halted
    (2) that they are selling for 400 to 700 bucks above the 2200 buck list price?
    (3) that our favorite dealer is out and you do not want to buy one from the 1 or 2 dozen Nikon dealers?
    (4) that you thought that they would go on firesale; but actually rose in price?
    (5) that you wanted to buy a new in 2012 or say 2104 but were really sitting on the fence due to money reasons?
    (6) that no local stores have them so you cannot do a weekend warrior free rental; ie try out and then return it; get all ones money back and them you mailorder it to skirt state sales taxes?
    (7) that you have one now but want to be able to buy a replacement new one in 2012 or 2015 if yours breaks?
    *** PS; I have many of these too !
  8. Thank you all for the responses. A follow up question is what happens with the warranty when you do find the scanner at a dealer - but I am planning to ask that to the dealer.
  9. The dealer is who is responsible for supplying functioning goods, and must make good when it is not.
    But anyway, even though the scanner may no longer be made, Nikon isn't going away in a hurry. No worries about that.
  10. In it May 2010 now
    There are many threads about 9000 being not made anymore; it is a 26 month /2+ year old topic:
    March 2008
    Nov 2009
    June 2009
    Oct 2008
    March 2010
    May 2009
    June 2009
    There are a DOZEN Nikon 9000 scanners right now on Ebay; and most all are brand new in the box; thus to say no one has one is a bit comical.

    The issue is you can wait; ponder; hope your favorite vendor gets some in; they may never.

    new in the box prices probably will rise;; NOT drop ; as the new in the box inventory pipeline drains out.

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