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  1. Hey guys,

    Im looking to buy a nikon coolscan 9000 ED and im trying to find some more information of how long it takes to scan 35mm and 120 film at lo resolution.

    I can find information about how long it takes at 4000dpi but really need to find out the lower res scan times for me to be able to size whether it will work for my business .

    Thanks very much
  2. I have an 8000, and AFAIK there's not a ton of difference in how they operate.

    My workflow for both the Coolscan V and 8000 is to take a low-res(usually 600dpi) preview scan, make the adjustments that I need, and then do a 4000 dpi full res scan.

    Even at 600 dpi, the 8000 is not a fast scanner. I'd guess generating a 600 dpi preview of a 6x6 to take 45s-1 minute. Remember that it STILL has to crank the film holder in and out, which isn't a fast process. I only "waste time" on the 600dpi preview because if something isn't right I don't waste the ~7-10 minutes(about the total time by the time the software does the scan then crunches the ICE and DEE data to generate an image that may have other issues.

    I've never done 35mm on the 8000, but on a V the preview takes about 20-30 seconds and the 4000 dpi scanfull scan takes 3-5 minutes.

    That may not DIRECTLY answer your question as I'm guessing you'll probably be scanning somewhere between those two resolutions, but hopefully you can extrapolate a scan time for your resolution from those two data points.
  3. I can't find my notes on how long scans took on my Nikon 9000, and in any case, I only did 4000ppi scans. My memory is that ben's figures are in the ball park. I rarely used the ICE and other add-ons, preferring to work wth the images in Photoshop.

    2015: A scanning Odyssey - Nikon Super Coolscan LS-9000 ED (scroll past the alphabet soup, one used to be able to paste in images directly...)
  4. I thought the 8000 was slower than the 9000 because you always had to scan in superfine mode in order to avoid banding. The 9000 fixed that. I'm not sure how much difference it makes in total time.

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