Nikon Coolscan 4000 ED on Win XP empty twain_32 folder

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by tomlane, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    I am wondering if I could have some advice.

    I am a long suffering Nikon Coolscan user trying to get a 4000 ED to work on a laptop with PCIE Firewire card with Windows XP Professional.

    The scanner starts up fine (solid green LED) and is recognised by the computer in Device Manager with no error messages.

    I have tried using Hamrick (Vuescan) and Nikon drivers which both install correctly when used. Only problem is, the scanner is not recognised by Vuescan or NikonScan (tried 3 and 4).

    Only clue is that the twain_32 folder is empty bar the wiatwain.dll file. I think this may be the problem but am welcome to other ideas. If someone knows how to populate this folder or could send me some files, that would be great.


  2. 32 or 64 bit? (Yes, there was a 64 bit XP) What does Device Manager say about the 1394 card? This definitely should work. Check also the firmware on the scanner.
  3. Maybe a more recent OS would help. My former MSW7 64x PC managed my 5000ED with minimal and easy manipulation, and when I plugged it on my new MSW10, it started immediately to work beautifully. ( Nikon scan 4.03)
  4. How did you get a PCIe Firewire card into a laptop?

    If I remember many past posts correctly, the Nikon Firewire scanners were particular about which Firewire chipset was used. If you are using one of the "plug in the side of the laptop" Firewire modules, that may be your problem. Were the Nikon cards PCIe or just PCI cards?

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