Nikon Coolpix 2100- lens error/system error

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by william_griset, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. Our daughter has a Nikon Coolpix 2100 camera and she is getting
    both "lens error" and "system error" error messages when the camera
    is turned on. We have tried replacing the battery and no success.
    The lens is partially extended and open. Any ideas?
  2. I had a similar situation on a Canon Ixus many years back. I was advised that small particles of dirt [ie. sand etc] may have got in the lens mechanism and caused it to lock up. The amount I was quoted for repair was near the price of the latest [2 generations newer] version, so I went for the new model instead of fixing it.

    Probably not what you want to hear, but a call to Nikon for advice is probably your best bet.
  3. The zoom mechanism is most likly jammed due to impact or compression. Try carefull pulling on the lens while turning the camera on. The best way I have found to do this is to get your fingernail under the lens opening and jently pull. See atached picture.
  4. Thanks for the info .I just fixed my Coolpix 2100 by pulling on the zoom.
  5. After carefully pulling on the lens while turning the camera on, as suggested, with no
    positive results, and with repairs costing near the price of a new camera, I decided to
    remove the case to see if I could unjam the lens. My only regret is that I had no camera to
    record the process!

    I removed the entire case, front & back, by unscrewing 7 phillips screws ( note different
    threads on one screw, & different length on the R side.

    Unplug 1 data cable ( slide the black friction retainer ~1mm towards the cable on each
    side) to completely remove the back cover.

    I just pulled out one short cable near the ON/OFF switch, and left 2 more wires attached to
    the front of the case, but with enough play to rotate the front cover to one side.

    In retrospect, I may have been able to just partially open the front half of the case, just
    enough to access the tiny drive motor.

    The drive motor was located just under the serial number label.

    Try removing the 4 screws on the L & R sides of the case (note different lengths) and just
    the forward 1 of the 3 screws surrounding the tripod mount.

    You may be able to crack the case bottom and reveal the round motor, about the diameter
    of a AA battery. Just towards the left (nearest) side in front of the motor, there is a small
    rectangular (1mmx5mm?) opening where I could reach in with a small screw driver and
    laboriously rotate, 1/4 turn at a time, what looks like small fan shaped plastic tabs
    attached to the drive shaft ( acting as a flywheel?). At first it was slightly resistant to
    turning, but soon freed up. I continued to turn the shaft MANY TIMES in a direction AWAY
    from the front of the lens until the lens appeared fully retracted.

    Reassembled, and voila! It works!

    Not sure what caused the jam, but it has been dropped on concrete before, and dropped
    on the beach, which couldn't have been to good for it. I sent it back twice to repair the
    battery latch, but it busted again, so I just use a rubber band, or tape to hold the
    compartment closed.

    Good luck & don't blame me if you screw it up (phillips, of course)
  6. I had the same problem with a Coolpix 2500. Since most of the references on the web were about the lens zoom sticking, sometimes due to an impact. I figured an impact might free it too. So I smacked the camera onto my palm with moderate force, twice and bingo it works now.
  7. Hi, We have a nikon coolpix 2100. We also got the the lens error. After unscrewing 6 of the 7 screws then strippping the last screw, I decided to continue reading and I liked the recommendation of lightly smacking my camera. I did that one time and the lens error was gone! Yayyyyyyyyy!! Now I don't have to buy my daughter a new camera!
  8. After many years of use I took camera out and found lens partially extended and got "lens error" when I turned camera on. Finding the tips on this page I tried pulling on the lens as I turned on the camera. Nothing. But after several tries and turning on and off, I got a message that the battery was dead. New battery didn't help. With new battery in, I grasped the lens between thumb and forefinger and twisted slightly clockwise as I turned the camera on. It made an awful racket, but the lens moved and the camera cycled on. Turned camera on and off a few times and moving to telephoto and it seems to be working O.K. I think it has more noise as the lens moves, so how long it will last is the question. Many thanks to all who left the earlier tips.
  9. So as many others stated... my lens is partially out and makes grinding noises. I tried the smacking (moderately, haha), and it goes in. As soon as i try to zoom though, it gets stuck. I'm afraid its still stuck.

    Has anyone actually got it repaired. I know the costs are rediculous, but how much. Where didyou bring it too?
  10. i used the same trick, smashing the nikon coolpix s200 at my hand, the lens came out after 2-3 hits, and it worked ok! and imagine they asked me more money than i bought it to repair it!
    thanks a lot for the great advice
  11. Have you contacted Nikon to see if you're still eligible for repair under warranty?
  12. Bought 3 Coolpix S210s for Christmas presents. The first camera is at Nikon waiting on me to respond to the $98 repair estimate because this error is not covered under warranty. It was only ! month old! The second one started giving the same error yesterday. I bought these thinking that Nikon was a reliable brand. I've had three Olypus Cameras through the years and still have two of them. Back to Mt. Olympus from now on!
  13. I also purchased 2 coolpix s210 cameras and both had the same lens issue. One started the day we opened it from the box.. the second about 2 weeks after we used it.. sadly we didn't even unpack the accesories. This has to be a know issue.. just google , Nikon cool pix known issues and you will see alot of people have this problem.. I followed the advice of carefully placing my fingernail under the lens cover and gently pulling on the zoom.,while turning it on/off. I about had a heart attack when the lens cover came off. However this is the best thing that could have rotates off. I put it back on and now the lens zoom does come out and the lens cover opens and closes perfectly.. Advice: don't buy a product the company won't stand behind.. If you are smart enough to do some research before purchasing this camera .. don't buy it. Unless you are willing to be like the rest of us and fix it yourself. Incidentally I did research it however I didn't see these issues at the time.. also take the time to review it.. so others will be aware and maybe the company will address the issue.
  14. I have owned my Nikon Coolpix S210 about one year ago, and this is the first time I had this issue. I dropped the camera off a low table while the lens was open. The on / off button did nothing at all, and the only way I could open / close the lens was by popping the battery in / out. I tried gently pulling on the lens as was suggested above, but this didn't work. What finally did was slapping the camera a few times with medium force against my palm. I then popped the battery in and out again and the lens went in fully. It is now fully functional.
  15. Steph, I had the SAME exact problem. After JUST fixing a lens error that was persistent for about a month, I took it to school, dropped in the cafeteria table, ON TO A TABLE, not even a foot up and I now have a lens error that I haven't been able to fix. I've tried everything above and everything else I've read and it just won't work. My mother won't be happy to hear that I want another camera from Christmas after I just got one for my birthday.... :(
  16. This site saved my camera! I have been so frustrated all day - after owning a Nikon Coolpix for almost two years, the dreaded "lens error" showed up this afternoon with the lens extended. Nothing I did helped - recharging the battery, pulling and rotating on the lens barrel, blowing air around the barrel, smacking the side lightly. Then I read several posts here that said to smack the camera "moderately" -- oh the immense relief when, after giving that awful little camera a really good smack on the back, the lens retracted (and the camera continues to work normally for now)!! Thank you those of you who fixed your cameras and passed along advice on this problem - thank you!
  17. hi, i own a nikon coolpix S210 and it has worked fine for almost 2 years and i have droped it 2 times. But after going to the beach about a week ago i think sand went into the lens because it says lens error. The lens comes out and makes a noise then goes back in. i dont know if i should get it repaired or buy a new one i love the pictures it takes and i think of sticking with nikon just take better care of it.
    Has anyone gone somewhere else to get it fixed besides Nikon and how much did they charge?
  18. Arlene, I don't know if you've gotten an adequate response to your question yet but I'd suggest Teleplan Camera Repair. I had a similar issue with my Canon PowerShot a while back and sent it to them - they were great. My repairs cost me around $90-$100 and when I called Canon, they were charging me $150 for the same exact repair.
  19. Hello, my name is Isabella and I received a new Coolpix s203 on Christmas. I have dropped it a couple times and it has been in some dirty places. There appears to be dried lotion inside and outside of the lens, but I'm not sure if that's the problem. Each time I turn it on im comes out makes a wierd buzzing noise and then retracts, it does this a couple of times before the camera shuts off and says "Lens Error". I have tried these suggestions but none of them seem to be working, I don't want to tell my parents to take it to a repair shop because it has only been about 4 months. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
    Thanks- BellaBabyy :)
  20. Thank you all so much. I had the same problem, and persevered with the "tapping" of the camera against a hard surface, and ended up having to turn the camera on and off by means of taking out the battery. Eventually the lens cover came off - again the best thing that could've happened, as it freed up the rest of the lens to start moving properly. Camera back in action 100% I'm so grateful. Thanks again so so much
  21. A friend who has a Nikon Coolpix S210 asked me to try to fix the Lens Error problem for her. I read several forums including this one without success. The lens would only emerge a couple of mm and there was no way I could get a grip on the barrel, or prise it out with a blade. I tried applying suction with a Dyson, but this didn't work either. Tapping it on my palm had no effect. Then I decided to slip a scalpel under the lens cover and firmly pull on the lens mechanism as I turned it on. To my surprise the lens rotated slightly and came fully out. I have taken several pictures and turned it on and off and it is still working a few hours later.
  22. I own a Nikon Coolpix s210 and was getting the same error post dropping in on concrete.
    Even before rushing for a repair thought wold be worthwhile looking for Google solutions, well tried smacking it softly against the palm and even pulling the lens while turning on the camera gently with nail.
    None seemed to work for me.
    It is only then it struck if it is at all an issue with the zooming of the lens well it might be worth hitting the lens probably, a couple of hits right on the lens(well with hammer being the palm) and it seemed to be back on track.
    Disclaimer: Soft is a word of perspective so when I say soft it should be from the Camera's perspective which might otherwise vary .... so lets say the Camera being constant ... Good luck.
  23. Ok Folks
    This what we did and it worked...The Lens Motor Mechanism is Jammed or slightly off position.
    1. Take a stack of Napkins place on a hard surface so you won't scratch or dent your camera.
    2. Begin slamming the camera on to the napkins, hard about 7 times (Make sure its on a hard surface)
    Bammm. The lets motor will kick back in. No more "Lens Error" message.
  24. have just read through all the hints on how to repair the lens error on a nikon coolpix s220. ours broke first day of holiday and its only 2 years old. tried hitting it with my hand a few times and then pulling on the lens as it was moving in and out and simultaneously turning it clockwise as suggested. this took quite a lot of force and i hurt my hand while hitting the camera! but bingo! it seems to have worked although it is making a few noises as the lens opens. thanks all for the help.
  25. We have sent a Nikon Cool Pix S210 for repair 3 times and a Cool Pix S220 for repair 4 times. They are covered under warranty for the 1st year and for 6 months after a repair. All for lens error issues. Each time I sent a letter with the camera asking Nikon to contact me. They would fix them and send them back. The last time I sent both cameras with a letter not to repair them and on the Nikon web site discussion board told them not to repair them and then to be honest.. it slipped my mind. I call them last week and found out they had fixed them and UPS had left them on our porch 2 months ago. We still have no cameras, my daughter doesn't want another Nikon. I can't believe that no one ever responded to my letters regarding the repeat lens error issue. I told them NOT to fix it but they send it out anyhow... again.
    First, see if you are covered under waranty. You'll need receipt and waranty card
  26. ok.. this is funny, but someone at my shop was throwing away a nikon coolpix L22. I put some new batteries in it, and it came up with a LENS ERROR.. so i navigated to this magical site. I read the post about taking it all apart and such.. then I saw the post about smacking it into your hand fairly hard.. I chose the latter option. One swift smack to my palm, and VOILA. Camera boots and works now... Yay! Guess my daughter gets a new camera!
  27. My battery needed replacing. Checked he battery at the store, everything fine. Got home, turned it on got the Lens Error message.
    Tried the moderate smack, didn't work. Read some more. Put tea towel on the counter banged it about 4-5 times works good as new.
  28. Coolpix L810. Tried everything, then....hold camera (lens down) flat palm slap on the back, hey presto! Thank you good people. From my daughter.

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