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  1. Hi,
    Someimes my Nikon d7000 render the red color more like orange, it looks red are washed out.
    I am not the only one, look at this post:
    If I underexposed, seting EV to -1.00 or even -1.3, it looks much better, the red is finally a red. White balance tuning also helps.
    I do not override any camera settings and shot in RAW.
    Previoulsy I had a D70, the red were fine without any EV tuning.
    Did you come across similar problems? also, it is something to do with this model only?
  2. Nothing is more fun than looking for a link that doesn't exist any more.
    Flikr is not color managed. You are advised to convert your images to the sRGB color space, which should restore the color and saturation you see in Photoshop or on your camera's display.
  3. Look at your histogram--is the red channel clipped?
  4. Edward,
    I just clicked on the link provided, and it worked just fine; this was done at 3pm pst.
  5. I do not override any camera settings and shot in RAW.​
    If you're shooting RAW, unless you're using Nikon NX.x for RAW conversion, you're overriding every in-camera image setting except initial WB. That includes color saturation, and contrast. The idea with RAW is not to apply in-camera image settings until post, so you have the control of what the image looks like. Which RAW converter are you using? What color settings are you applying to the RAW file in post? Are you using a camera color profile?
  6. Quite simply, you're overexposing the red "channel". This can happen with other highly saturated colours, not just red. Yellow flowers can be just as problematic.
    You already have the answer, and that's to reduce the exposure until the histogram shows no red channel clipping. Unfortunately, to bring back the overall brightness then needs some afterwork. The easiest way being to use "curves" to bring up the mid-tones without resaturating any highlights.
    Below is an extreme example of how saturated colours can be destroyed by overexposure. This was faked up from a RAW file, but the same thing happens for real when you let the camera exposure meter take over from your brain.
  7. Thank you Joe, I have never used the "curves" but I ll look into this tool.
  8. Edward,
    just checked the link. It works for me but I'm subscribed to the flikr D7000 group.
    The OP has not specified where he is noticing the shift. Personally I had a lot of troubles in having a good monitor calibration while trying to get reds looking red from the D7000 (and from the D80 too :) on a pair of HP monitors till I've found a neat calibration. What are the numbers telling you (for numbers I intend the rgb triple or the a/b channel lab values obtained with a eyedropper tool, obviously you have to know the desired ones too) ?

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