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  1. Got the D7000 for Christmas with the 18-105mm lens. Wife got it for me, sometime around December 1st or so. I got it December 25th of course. So, here's the rub, the camera and box sat in a closet for three weeks. Guess when the warranty starts? :)
    Isn't it kinda unfair to start a warranty on these Christmas items before they're ever opened?
  2. I noticed that 10 day deadline on the 10-30mm Nikon 1 kit zoom as well. It may have been there on my other Nikkors but I never noticed and never needed any warranty work either. I suppose I'll go ahead and mail the lens warranty. Seems like a hassle when Nikon USA doesn't require any similar mail-in registration for Nikon USA camera bodies to be eligible for warranty service.
    It's also a bit of a catch for folks who buy from vendors that allow a return or exchange period longer than 10 days, but stipulate the warranty cards cannot have been filled out by the purchaser.
  3. Isn't it kinda unfair to start a warranty on these Christmas items before they're ever opened?

    DOP is the rule these days for warranty initiation. Shoot it for a year and then begin the warranty by "sending in the cards" and proof of purchase? No dice.
    Nikon's warranty language isn't exactly ambiguous. Sorry.
  4. Have not bought any bodies, flash or lens from Nikon in about 4 years and I have had warranty work done on a body,flash and lens. Actually had all 3 replaced for free after talks with Nikon. I guess I got a nice Technical Correspondent. I never send the cards in on any products that I buy. You have me worried because my 70-200mm has been acting up. The warranty is still in effect, but I sure hope they don't ask about the warranty card. Seems like my receipt and serial number would be enough.
    Sidenote: I'm thinking that folks should just say they sent the card in and let the post office take the blame. I just filled out a complaint form with the USPS because they lost some very important legal documents.
  5. It's not a requirement to send in a warranty card on any product. You just need to have proof of purchase. The only reason companies
    make it sound like you have to send it in is so that they can notify you of any recalls, and of course send you advertising. I've never had
    an issue with camera equipment or anything else with just proof of purchase. But the warranty itself does in fact start on the day of
  6. BTW, reading my 10-30mm lens warranty more closely, it provides online registration at
    Unfortunately at the moment I can't get the Nikon USA site to recognize my efforts to register, and it hasn't responded to repeated attempts to set up a new account. I'm hoping this is only a temporary holiday glitch.
    Regarding the Nikon USA 4 year Extended Service Coverage, the wording does indeed require the lens ESC warranty to be registered. Proof of purchase alone is not sufficient - that covers only the standard 1 year warranty, not the 4 year ESC for a total of 5 year coverage. Here's the actual wording from my copy of the papers included with the lens by Nikon USA:
    "To activate your Extend Service Coverage ("ESC"), you must register your ESC online with Nikon Inc. within ten days from the date of the original retail purchase of this NIKKOR lens. Failure to register your ESC within such 10 day period invalidates your ESC. To register online:"​
  7. Well, that was a pain in the neck. Numerous attempts to log in to my existing Nikon USA account failed. Took several tries to set up a new account and register the ESC today, which would have been the 10 day deadline if Nikon interprets the date of online purchase from B&H as day 1, and counts the holidays as well. I'm hoping this meets their requirements for ESC eligibility.
  8. Nikon often will was a courtesy warranty an item AFTER the warranty has officially expired (within a reasonable time frame). Frankly, I would not worry about a couple of weeks. But if you are that concerned and she did not buy the camera with a credit card that extends the warranty, you can purchase a two to three year warranty with a reliable company and enjoy complete piece of mind. The company that eBay supports (cannot list the name here for some reason) always have 30% off offers so make sure you find one should you choose to purchase one. (A multi-year warranty typically is about 10% of the purchase price prior to any discounts.)
  9. Hi Patrick,
    This is a question only Nikon can answer. Give them a call on Wednesday and ask 1-800-645-6687 or 631-547-4200 for NikonUSA Corporate.
    They must have a way of handling items given as gifts - Christmas, Birthday, etc. I am sure they would not want to inhibit people giving Nikon products as gifts. Your warranty may start the day you wife purchased the items, but there must be a way to get the Extended Warranty on the lens.
  10. I did email Nikon. Here, copied, is their reply:
    Thank you for contacting Nikon. There is a 1 year manufactures warranty that begins from the date that the kit was purchased and 5 years for the lens once it is purchase and registered an a proof of purchase is provided.

    Here is your reference number: 888888-00000

    If you have any further questions or concerns please give us a call at 1-800-Nikon-Us between 8am and 12am EST.

  11. Hmm... that email from Nikon still isn't terribly clear. It doesn't specify the 10 day limit on the paper certificate included with Nikon USA Nikkors.
    Seems reasonable to date the 4 year ECS coverage from date of purchase at any reasonable time after the serial number and proof of purchase are provided. Even 30 days would be more reasonable considering some folks buy gifts well in advance for holidays.
  12. I've NEVER mailed in a Nikon registration and I have had products serviced, and even replaced by Nikon under warranty.
    I have always used the website registration to keep track of things, and since I pretty much buy online from B&H, Amazon
    and Adorama, I always have a record of the purchase - presuming these folks don't go out of business.

    And of course the warranty starts when you buy it, although I have had good experience with Nikon making the expiration
    of my own warranties a rather "soft" one - my D70 was actually replaced after the warranty expired (with a D70S) albeit
    due to the BGLD issue, so that may not be typical.
  13. Lex Jenkins [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG], Jan 01, 2013; 01:04 a.m.
    Hmm... that email from Nikon still isn't terribly clear. It doesn't specify the 10 day limit on the paper certificate included with Nikon USA Nikkors.​
    I agree, it's not clear, so I asked again. What's so frustrating about ANY email support interaction, with anyone, these days, is a) the lack of typing accuracy in the responses, and b) the fact that they seldom actually read the question and send a canned response for what they think you're asking. My original email was quite specific, but ignored. Sign of the times.
  14. Patrick, I'm sorry to say that was my experience with Nikon USA support in 2011. It was a huge disappointment compared with a very satisfactory experience in 2006 when my D2H needed warranty service.
    In 2011 my efforts to communicate specific questions and issues to Nikon USA were met with obvious boilerplate replies that didn't address any of my actual questions. Even the one direct communication I finally had with an individual at Nikon USA didn't resolve the problem.
    At this point I would continue to buy Nikon products only because the products are consistently excellent, reliable and often terrific values as well. But I'm skeptical about Nikon USA support as a significant added value. I'd just as soon buy grey market and save a few dollars.

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