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  1. I have Nikon Capture NX-D installed on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer. Page 23 of the Nikon Capture NX-D Reference Manual shows Hue as a parameter you can adjust, but it is not available on my copy of the program. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. are you sure you're using Pict Utility v2 ? Apparently the older one had limited 'compatibility'. I see a Hue slider on mine (using Mac though)
  3. With which camera did you capture the picture ? There is the option Latest Picture Control or Camera Compatible, if you do not have Hue option on your camera it will be available only if you chose Latest Picture Control.
    Hue also is not available with Monochrome and Picture Control is only available for NEF files.
    That the only things that comes in mind now.
  4. I have evaluated this with D700 and D810 NEF files, Hue option is available with the camera. I have tried Latest Picture Control and Camera Compatible options and HUE adjustment is not available on either. If I open Picture Utility v2 HUE adjustment is available, but the user manual for Nikon Capture NX-D (page 23) shows it available and it should be just below the saturation adjustment. I think this is an issue with Capture NX-D, at least for a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit system.
  5. I opened the Picture Control Utility v2.0.0 as a stand alone application. I let the application to show camera compatible and non compatible modes/sets - NCP and NP2. Tested also to launch it from the NX-D.
    With a test image - NEF - from D700 I could apply any modes from both sets. The older control set, NCP, did not allow clarity to be manipulated. Hue was available on both sets.
    A note: be carefull with the user interface toggle buttons, as the grouping is not totally obvious* *(fool proof). And you have the CNX-D version 1.0.0 at least?
  6. I have CNX-D version 1.0.1 and Hue is not available as a parameter adjustment for Picture Control Profiles - all other parameter adjustments are available (sharpening, clarity, contrast,brightness, and saturation). Picture Control Utility v2 does have hue as a parameter you can adjust, but the user manual shows it should be available in CNX-D.
  7. Robert, there is still one simple possibility to correct the missing hue adjustment.
    What I have found is that thumb nail images may have a partially missing or masked slider for scrolling. This slider comes active and visible if I try to scroll down the thumbs.
    So please check if you have the same going on with Edit palette/Picture control tools/Hue. Hue is the last in the list.
  8. Thanks for the input, but when the slider is visible and I slide it to the bottom saturation is the last adjustment visible. I guess this is a bug in Capture NX-D for a Windows 7 computer.
  9. Saturation is the last Picture Profile Adjustments that shows in Capture NX-D, but all of it is not visible - the slider with the two triangles in the center and the square with Auto is not visible for Saturation. The only thing visible for Saturation is the -3, white rectangle, and 3. There is nothing below Saturation. I have to type a value in the white rectangle for saturation since there is no slider.
  10. Upgraded from the CNX-D from 1.0.0. to v 1.0.1. They were there still ;-)
    Try to resize the program window to occupy only a portion of the screen. Maybe the user interface window scaling/ palettes went a bit off.
    If not of help, I'd install the program again.
    I am still in the test mode with CNX-D.
  11. I uninstalled Nikon Capture NX-D v1.0.1 and Picture Control Utility 2 and installed again. I still have the same problem. This is my desktop computer, which I use all the time. I looked at my Laptop, which is also using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and it has all of the Picture Control adjustments including Hue. The other thing I noticed is the white box above the sliders for Picture Control adjustments on the Laptop all have values shown, but the boxes on the desktop are all blank - no values shown. Both of these computers have the same operating system, but the processor in the desktop is an AMD and the laptop is an Intel. Desktop has 8GB of RAM and Laptop has 4 GB of RAM. Windows 7 is up to date on both computers.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I use Capture NX2, View NX2 and now NX-D, that actually I'm beginning to like for quick fixes, and looks like my pictures looks better on NX-D (may be ? may be the black background ...). But I notice that NX-D works completely different regarding video card. Actually I tried to tune up my video card to get a better performance with not success. I bet there will be a update soon to fix some little things and may be to satisfy some user requirements and with a better video performance.
    May be Capture NX-D has some incompatibility with your AMD Desktop. I wouldn't say your desktop is incompatible, NX-D is the new one, version 1.0.1.
  13. Identified the problem. I have Display personalization set to 125% on my Desktop and when I changed it to 100% the missing adjustments parameters are now visible. I have a 24 inch display for my desktop and needed the Display personalization at 125% to increase text and icon sizes to something similar to what I have on the Laptop with Display personalization at 100%. I don't know if there in another solution to this, but I only use Capture NX-D to determine how to setup my camera. I do all RAW processing with Lightroom.

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