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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by graham john miles, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Just a compliment to Nikon Canada. I dropped my SB600 on top of my D70S a few
    weeks ago and although there was no visible damage, the pop up flash wouldn't
    close. I took it to the service centre in Mississauga. A quote came in the mail
    about 10 days later, and after a quick phone confirmation, the camera was
    repaired, CLA'd and ready for pick up a week later. $120 including tax.
  2. I also have had good experience there. Also, this past Oct I was visiting Vancouver, one day I was changing battery and dropped the battery caddy of my F100 and cracked it. I couldn't find it in any store. Nikon in Vancouver branch came to rescue.
  3. Service at the Aerowood Drive is peerless.I've had dozens of quick fixes, often with parts thrown in, for free.Techs are personable and seem to enjoy interacting with the faithful. All this stands in stark contrast to the cold, clinical approach of just up the street.
  4. I have had terrible experience with the Nikon service dept in Mississauga. I repeatedly had to return a faulty camera under warranty for repair of an intermittent electronic problem. It seems like unless something is obviously broken they spend very little time finding the problem.<br>
    On the phone the techs were knowledgeable, friendly, and sympathetic. The wait time for having my call answered was minimal.

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