Nikon camera bought in Denmark: warranty in USA?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by wayne gardner, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. If I bought a D7000 in Denmark, what would be its warranty in USA?
    S/F Wayne
  2. If you bought it there and have the receipt, USA Nikon should cover it. What they don't cover is product shipped here.
    Kent in SD
  3. I think they'll repair it, but not under warranty. Better double check this.
  4. from other people's similar stories, I'd wager that they will *not* honor the Dutch warranty. They may be willing to repair for cost or they could just as easily refuse to deal with it completely.
    I do not believe they are under any *obligation* to do it. The warranty exists in the the market it was purchased in and by Nikon Corp (if you wanted to send it to Japan). Not so for other geographical markets.
  5. Well the easiest way is call
    Email Nikon Service and Repair
    1-800-Nikon US (1-800-645-6687)
    Telephone Support is Available 8am EST to 2am EST 7 days a week.
  6. If you do such a thing, look into how you can avoid paying VAT on it if you are a US tourist. There used to be ways around some of the taxes.
    Because of these taxes and other extortions, European prices are often much higher than in the USA.
  7. Yes, if you were a tourist and decided to purchase a Nikon camera on vacation or business travel.
    No, if you bought the camera via the Internet and had it shipped to the U.S. (or Canada?) to by-pass the Nikon USA network.
  8. Kent, your link is for if you buy a camera inside of the US, and then need warranty in another country. Henry is asking the opposite. Henry, if your product does not have a USA serial number, Nikon will work on the camera ONLY if you bought it new outside of the US, and you therefore have a receipt from the foreign camera shop, along with all of the originally-included warranty paperwork. If you buy it used, then you're out of luck, as Nikon USA is pretty stringent about working on non-US products.
    From a Nikon email last year, found on Thom Hogan's webpage:
    "Gray market" Nikon products are those that were not imported and distributed by Nikon USA but were purchased by the end consumer in the USA. Nikon USA will not service gray market products under any circumstances, even for a fee.
    A Nikon product purchased by a customer from an authorized Nikon dealer in another country will be serviced by Nikon USA as long as the customer provides the Nikon Worldwide Warranty that was supplied with the product and the sales receipt from the overseas dealer. This documentation must be presented for warranty and non-warranty service.
    Any product sent to Nikon USA for non-warranty service is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If there is a question about the origin of a product, our factory service centers require the customer to provide documentation (such as a Nikon Inc. warranty or a sales receipt from an authorized Nikon dealer outside the USA) before any service will be performed. A non-USA sales receipt is mandatory to obtain service for a non-USA model.
  9. From the link I provided above:
    If you purchase equipment in another country where the Nikon Worldwide Warranty applies, copies of the sales receipt and this warranty are necessary to obtain warranty service in the USA.
    Kent in SD
  10. My thoughts are they they will repair it but not for free. As I understand, Nikon USA can be picky, so if you have your receipt they will repair it for a fee, if no receipt they won't even touch it.
    I've had some email correspondence with Nikon USA before. Around clarifying this issue.
    Over in NZ here. They have images of Nikon warranty cards and they say that unless the NZ distributor is on the card they will not fix it for free. I think the worldwide warranty card is that you can get worldwide service by shipping it back for warranty or you can pay and get it done locally.
    Worldwide Warranty
    Your Nikon equipment is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for one full year from the date of purchase. The warranty card is vallid only in the country where you purchased this product
  11. Kent, regarding your link ...
    Please note that the Nikon USA warranty we supply with our sport optics products (binoculars, fieldscopes, spotting scopes, etc.) is valid only in the USA. The same is true of the Nikon Digital Imaging Limited Warranty we supply with digital cameras and film scanners.
  12. @Ray
    Kent's link uses the term "warranty service". This implies they would do the repair for no charge.
    And regarding the digital camera exclusion that you cited, the exclusion applies to service _outside_ the United States for cameras purchased _in_ the United States. Henry's situation is the opposite. Warranty repair inside the US is available for cameras purchased outside the US.
    I think Bob gave the best answer. Email Nikon USA and ask them.
  13. I guess the bottom line is that it's probably safest to buy in the country you live in...
  14. Just for the record Howard: Denmark is not "Dutch" - it is "Danish" and Denmark is a country as Holland is a quite different country....
  15. Holland is not a country. Holland is a region of the country, the Netherlands.

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