Nikon BR2A and BR-3 stuck together...

Discussion in 'Macro' started by cjk, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. cjk



    I “stored” together my BR2A and BR-3 and now they don’t want to come apart. They seem glued together. Tried to take them apart (rotation) to no avail. Even tried holding one with pliers but wouldn’t bulge.

    Could the 2 have really fusioned together? Am I doing something wrong?

    (I pulled the BR-3 lever while doing this to pull the pin out)

    It’s driving me nuts. Any thoughts?

    Photo attached...


  2. cjk


    All right, turns out I was, indeed, turning the rings in the wrong direction.... How stupid of me... After a few tries, I managed to separate the twins. Thx

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