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  1. I'm currious as to why Nikon apo barrel lenses are so much cheaper
    than the other apo barrel lenses. They seem to sell for far less than
    their competitors like apo ronars, and apo artars.
    I just curious.

  2. Could you tell us the seller? Actually part of the price difference might be related to how hard it is to mount the lens in a shutter. I don't think any of the nikon process lens fit shutters without some work. The nikons IMHO don't seem to go for low prices.
  3. Here are some pricesfor a 360mm F9: <BR><BR>Goertz Red Dot Artar 363.00<BR><BR>Apo-Nikkor 309.00<BR><BR>Rodenstock Apo Ronar 265.00<BR><BR>Many Process cameras; such as ours; were outfitted with Rodenstock Apo Ronars; because they offered the best value. The majority of process cameras I have seen have has Rodenstock lenses. Nikon made less process lenses than the others; thus the surplus market has less ammo; ie more scattered prices. The prices were from 1971.
  4. I have a couple of Apo Nikkors, 360 and 480mm that I bought very cheaply on different occasions but I have seen wild variations in prices in the UK as I guess some sellers are selling 'a barrel process lens' (limited market) and some are selling the 'brand name' (other Nikon gear is always in demand and the brand has a high reputation). The used market always seems to have these quirks.
  5. Behind our process camera's giant lensboard is a rotary sector shutter; controlled with a darkroom timer. Typically the lens is at F22; film is asa 6; lights 6000 watts pulse xenons; exposure about 5 to 20 seconds.<BR><BR><img src="">
  6. Kelly,
    Your studio must be doing pretty well if you use dollar bills to patch your bellows ;)

    Scenic Wild

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