Nikon announces Z5 fullframe Mirrorless using SDxx cards for memory media

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  1. Interesting, twin SD UHS II slots.

    I wonder if the new TCs will work OK with the FTZ?

    That new kit lens is pretty small, but VERY slow!
  2. I doubt the Z TCs will work with F-mount lenses. The TCs need to be designed for the lenses that they are used with, ideally both the lenses and TCs would be designed together to produce an optimum result. Z mount TCs certainly won't be designed to work optimally with F-mount lenses. I am not sure they can even be mounted; the protruding front element of the Z TCs could collide with the rectangular flag that reduces stray light in the FTZ.
  3. Described by Nikon as a 'basic' model, but priced at over 1,700 quid!?

    What are you smoking Nikon?

    People can get a Sony A7riii for close to that price, with twice the pixel count.
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  4. Interesting that it does not appear to have the same sensor as a Z6, slightly different MP count.
  5. So does that mean all Z-Mount tele lenses will have deep recesses in their lens mount? Certainly it's won't fit the short primes or standard zooms!

    And more interestingly, what Z mount lenses are they supposed to fit on? I guess the 70-200mm 2.8 when it's available....!
  6. Nice thing : It can be fed through USB, so also USB battery packs canbe used ..:

  7. Lol..
    Not very usefull on a 20mm or 50mm lens iguess.. , and would you buy a TC to do a 1.5 or 2 times TC on a $200,- lens if the TC itself costs 2 or 3 times this amoiunt ?

    Till now the only compatible lens is : NIKKOR Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S
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  8. Sorry CPM, I noticed I'd not written my post very well.. and edited it!
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    At least initially, the FTZ is a separate accessory. You can always buy one separately for $250, but few pay full price for it. I bought my Z6 as soon as it came out, and the FTZ was $150 (not $250) extra. Sometimes Nikon would include the FTZ for "free" or for $50 to $150 extra at various times.

    In the US, the Z5 body is $1400, $1700 with the new 24-50mm (pancake) kit zoom, and $2200 with the 24-200 zoom. IMO, the last one is an interesting combination.

    For comparison, the Z6 debuted at $2000 for body only and currently at $1800. The deepest discount I have seen was $400 for a $1600 final cost, body only. We had that discount during the holiday season in 2019.

    My estimate is that by Thanksgiving/Christmas this year (2020), the Z5 could be around $1200 or so. That would be a very attractive deal. While the Z5 is the "entry level" model, it still has 4K video, IBIS, and dual SD memory cards. I am not sure how good its EVF is, but it seems to be a stronger camera than Canon's "stripper" RP model @ $1000.

    Moreover, this year, the "entry level" Nikon DSLR is the $2300 D780. Even after a $300 discount, the D780 is still far more expensive than the Z5. With a complex mirror box built in, it is simply very difficult for DSLR to compete against mirrorless in price at this point.
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  10. Currently the 70-200/2.8 S Z mount lens is the only one that is indicated compatible. But I would guess the 100-400 and 200-600 to be compatible also, they haven't been announced outside of the roadmap so they're not official products as such, yet.

    No, not all telephoto lenses will be compatible. E.g. 85mm f/1.8 is not, and likely any similar short tele with rear elements close to the mount won't be.

    I think Nikon did well here. Canon dropped the ball by making a 70-200/2.8 that doesn't accept their TCs. I know several Canon EF mount users who routinely use their 70-200/2.8's with TCs. Yes, the new RF lens is very compact at its shortest focal length setting, and lightweight, but still, I think there will be people who would have wanted to add TCs to it. And I doubt that many 100-500/7.1, 600/11 or 800/11 users will be adding TCs to their lenses. f/10, f/14, f/16 and f/22. Brilliant. Perhaps, later on, Canon could consider making a revised 70-200/2.8 RF that does accept TCs.
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  11. Yes, the Z5 is much more fully-featured than the RP. According to Nikon specifications, the EVF has the same resolution as the Z6 and Z7.

    Nikon have been selling the D750 with similar DSLR components (the D780 does reportedly have a slightly quieter mirror system and faster shutter) for a much lower price, so it is possible to do, but as a new model Nikon put a fairly high price on the D780. However, the D780 is closer to the Z6 in that it has the Z6's BSI sensor, full frame 4K recording etc. while the Z5 has a non-BSI sensor and 1.7x crop on 4K video. I suspect the BSI sensor is more expensive to manufacture and this is reflected in the prices of the cameras.
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  12. The body only is $1400, not $1700; the A7RIII still sells new for $2500.

    Doesn't appear to be the case - maybe in a couple of months it'll be though.

    But with a 1.7x crop factor.

    And we have two card slots - even though none is XQD and hence owners of a Z5 and Z6/Z7 need to carry two different cards. Seems Nikon is listening to all those who claimed that releasing the Z6/Z7 with only one card slot was a mistake.
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  14. 'Sells' should be in parentheses. There are several online retailers where you can buy it for around 1,800 UK pounds, body only.

    Whereas the UK price of the Z5 is over £1700 - no discounts to be found, and with a lens that I would hardly want as a gift.
  15. OK, how's "being offered". A little bit of digging finds some for around $2200-$2300 - which I guess is about 1800 UK pounds.
    I have mine now for about 16 months, got it when there was a discount and a trade-in promo going on. I guess when buying Sony one always should wait for such an event.

    I haven't made the transition to mirrorless fully yet - though I guess the day isn't too far when I will get rid of most of my Nikon DSLR gear (save the D500 and the 500PF for certain) and will face the decision as to enter the Z-mount system or leave for Sony. Or maybe I can stretch that time frame until at least Nikon has announced the Z7 successor or something above it. I doubt there will be a Z-mount mirrorless equivalent to the D500 anytime soon - so I will have to move to FX and hence will need a high-resolution sensor that also allows for a fast frame rate (with full AF); I have no use for a 24MP FX camera at all.

    If I were to spend the "Z5 money" right now, I guess, I would be getting a D500 :D
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  16. I got that news in Vistek email today, new body is OK.
    But lens pricing for Zmount, $800CAD + tax for nifty 50/1.8? Or 24-50/4-6.3 billed as "most affordable" for $529 + tax?
    If they want to price itself out of market completely, they should just say so. 50/1.8 or 28-70/3.5-5.6 from Sony start looking like real bargains.
  17. The US is a lot cheaper. In New Zealand the Z5 body alone goes for almost $2,000US including our 15% GST. The FTZ adapter is $400US equiv inclusive of GST.
  18. The European market Z5 price is pretty high indeed, the Z6 with FTZ adapter can be had for less than the Z5 body only. In the US market, the Z5 is several hundred dollars less than the Z6. I would expect the Z5 to be around 1300-1400 EUR by fall, otherwise it makes little sense as the Z6 offers superior video capabilities, higher fps rate, magnesium chassis instead of partly polycarbonate. I think there will be some customers who will choose the Z5 because they have a lot of SD cards and don't want to get XQD or CFexpress, and of course the dual card write can be seen as an advantage. I personally see the Z6 as the most appealing of the current Z cameras, but am likely to wait for a second-generation model.

    The 24-50 Z seems high quality based on the published MTFs, and is very compact and lightweight. I think it would make a great lightweight landscape and travel zoom for some.
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