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  1. I'm guessing it's the effect of WYSIWYG with contrast detect AF?

    AFAIK, the Z series has Phase Detect on Chip aswell. How does the body know which to use, and can you force it to use Contrast Detect only?
  2. It’s using both together, I don’t know if it’s possible to separate them. And you’re right - using the sensor to focus, there’s less to go wrong. With DSLR focus you have an optical path, small parts that need to be precisely aligned etc. A D800 that’s been auto focused in live view is a bit sharper, not because contrast detect is special but because it bypasses that optical path and uses the sensor to focus.
  3. Contrast-detect is also more accurate (if the subject is not moving) than PDAF, but on-sensor PDAF is pretty accurate as well. Some users do report needing to use a small fine tune value with some lenses even with mirrorless cameras but it is not as critical a feature as it has been with some DSLR generations. Earlier DSLR focusing systems are less accurate than the newest ones, as the technology has evolved. My D800 was nowhere near accurate enough for 36 MP with fast primes but with some lenses it was OK. The D6 by contrast is very accurate; so far all the lenses I have tested have auto AF fine tuned to -1 to +1 and the AF fine tune is much more stable and doesn't need to be repeated many times to get an average. Also practical use has been consistent with the calibration. The D850 is somewhere in-between; one may not get every shot in focus at f/1.4 or f/2 after calibration but most shots are in focus and at f/2.8 and smaller apertures there doesn't seem to be any significant issue with accuracy (some zooms may be an exception e.g. the 24-70/2.8 G or E neither can be fine tuned 100% using a single setting, and at 50mm on the E version I find focus accuracy could be better). Live view is still more accurate on static subjects but viewfinder AF is hugely improved compared to what I experienced with the D800.

    For wide-aperture portrait photography with eye AF mirrorless is without doubt a great technology. But it too has some limitations for example if the subject is far out of focus, it may be necessary to manually preset focus before it recognizes the subject in some situations, which is not a common experience with DSLRs. Both technologies seem to be rapidly evolving (although more manufacturers are placing their emphasis on mirrorless).
  4. I've come across grey Z6ii (body only) imports for £1700 already.....:cool:
  5. ShunCheung

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    Wow, gray version is already available within a week of new product shipment?
  6. Yup, i guess it was limited batch 'cos they're gone now!
    At £1700, I was tempted
    Maybe time to sell my D810 and some lesser used lenses.
    Still, £=$ pricing is still a bit annoying

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