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    Are you referring to the Nikon FTZ adapter to mount F-mount lenses onto the Z mirrorless bodies?

    That adapter is a hollow tube with some electronics around it as well as a motor to drive the mechanical aperture diaphragm, but it has zero optics and hence will not degrade the optical quality of the F-mount lens you put on it. However, the quality of lenses has improved over the years. If you mount some very old lenses, designed for 35mm film, you may or may not be happy with the results, compared to modern, higher-end lenses.
  2. I seem to have confused some things. It seems that the responsibility is more complicated for outside-of-the-EU to inside-of-the-EU purchases.

    If the product after purchase turns out flawed, the primary responsibility in the EU for at least 2 years of warranty is with the seller (as you say), but in some countries (including Finland) this responsibility is not limited to the seller but also includes the manufacturer or importer. In Finland, the duration of responsibility is defined as the expected usable life of the product (this must be difficult to define!), not just 2 years. Within EU purchases but from a different country should be taken care by agreement by manufacturer with the local importer. But I'm not sure if the responsibility is with the local seller of the product or the importer, this isn't quite clear. In practice Nikon here has taken care of such products. It's complicated because there is EU legislation and national legislation, but I'll look into this.

    However, for out of EU store purchases there is not much information I could find.

  3. I only got my Z6 recently and tested a few of my old AFD lenses: 85 f1.8/105 DC F2/135 DC f2 and I am very happy with them. There is really a big difference compared to my D610.
    Remeber all become manual lenses on the Z6 because of the (very good) adapter.
  4. In sensor IQ or the ability to accurately focus these AFD lenses?

    ... resulting in better IQ!
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  5. According to Thom Hogan, the Z7 II is limited to single point AF at 10 fps but this restriction is not there at 9 fps. For Z6 II single point AF at 14 fps, otherwise 12 fps. However, it is not clear how the viewfinder behaves at these speeds: slideshow or almost real-time updates between shots.
  6. The law of the land rules. A purchase in the U.S.A. is under U.S.A. law.
  7. I never had problems with focussing accuarely. So I guess the stabilization of the sensor together with its IQ makes the whole look much better:)
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  8. Not free - a $200 discount for the combo, which means the FTZ costs $49.95
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  9. That's why I said effectively free, not free...;)

    Compared to the £2140 here, it's hardly expensive......:mad:

    Considering some States seem to have almost no VAT, the exchange rate of 1.3:1 means the Z6ii + FTZ should be way closer to £1570. That is a HUGE difference.

    $2050 is a bit of a sad joke to anyone outside the US.
  10. Well, different economic systems have advantages and disadvantages, some things are cheaper in my country than in the US, cameras just don't happen to be in that list. :) In my experience, Nikon's launch prices are not held very long and you can expect to pay lower prices, say, in 6-12 months. Though this time around, the Z7 II price seems to have been set competitively.
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  11. I'm super excited about this. While I love the Z7 (and recognize he shortcoming re. the Sony A9 and II), I prefer the Z7 in many aspects. So seeing the Vers. II improving on many fronts I can't wait to get my hands on these. Low light AF performance, eye and face recognition, are the aspects i'm mostly interested in, besides a second card slot that seems unavoidable to me. So I have the Z6 II on preorder with the hopes I can kick my Sony gear out, as I much prefer the Nikon glass...
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  12. I've noticed that one of the major 2nd hand camera shops in the UK has nearly a dozen Z6s for sale.... all very close to £1K.

    I wonder if there's the start of a upgrade cycle for some? Get rid of Z6 for best price NOW and get Z6ii when it's out.
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  13. I'm sure there will be upgraders. I noticed Nikon USA have quite many ambassadors commenting on the Z7 II and Z6 II including favourable comments on the autofocus.

    Nikon Z6 II | 24.5 MP Mirrorless Camera
    Nikon Z7 II | 45.7 MP Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

    The shots are pretty dynamic even if the focus is on people at close range with relatively short focal length lenses.

    Of course, this should be considered Nikon advertising and not so much authentic independent reviews, but also it is unlikely they would say these things without some truth to it. :)
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  14. Nikon UK still has the 'old' Z6 + FTZ for £1649..

    ...and £1999 for Z6ii or £2139 for Z6ii and FTZ.

    Difficult to decide if I leapfrog the Z6...;)
  15. Supposedly they will be available as early as this December, right? I have pre-ordered the Z7 II (need to follow the route) but will probably discard my current Z6 (not using it - almost "new in the box"). When I get the Z7 II, I will sell the current Z7 as well.
  16. I would imagine within 6 to 8 months the Z6ii & FTZ will be selling at around the £1650 mark and of course wait for the ubiquitous 'sales' perhaps even less?
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  17. Amazon UK, says November the 5th!
  18. I believe that's for the Z6ii
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  19. There FTZ is great with motorized lenses. It doesn’t power screwdriver lenses. On my Z7 with the FTZ, the focus is more precise than my D800 can do, even after the D800 was professionally calibrated. The image quality with the 85/1.8G and the 70-300 AF-P is incredible. I’m shocked at how good the images with the 70-300 are.

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