Nikon Announce Retro DX Z Body, Z fc, with Retro Lenses

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. I've been with Nikon since the Nikkormat. You develop expectations from the company over time.
  2. I like most here have been using Nikon for a long time and the Zfc is exactly what I expected.
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  3. I'm fully invested in Sony at this point, but I love retro controls, and still have a place in my heart for Nikon, so I may get it if mostly for sentimental reasons.
  4. Well, exactly the conundrum I'm in - the Z fc or Z5 for backpack/overland/street. The new Z fc probably has better autofocus and a newer sensor; the Z5, an older sensor, and the internet chat says sometimes slow AF. But two UHS II card slots, full frame, detailed viewfinder - maybe the Z5 and the two pancake primes for the street. My budget is $2,000 for everything - camera, lenses, cards, etc. FWIW my travel gear currently (although not all together at once - D700, D60, and FE2) - a little 'long in the tooth and heavy. One thing in favor of the Z5 - I have some nice chipped MF lenses including Voigtlander 58 that would work seamlessly. I'm interested in what others say about IQ/AF of Z fc and Z5.

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  5. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Disappointment can also be caused by hope. For example, I hoped for a sunny day, but it rained. I'm disappointed.
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  6. At least it's not priced $1000 higher than what it is worth, like the Df was at its introduction.
  7. Still no joystick for focusing.
  8. After a day thinking about this here. I think it can get a lot of flak on photography websites. However it is fun camera for certain audience. New users might just want a nice fun retro camera. While Nikon in history has not provided a lot of DX lenses in their F mount system, maybe there is a group out there who don't intend to get many lenses. One can use standard Z FX lenses on it many users might not do that anyway. Speaking about what many people do, many people do just like to chill and have some fun many might not take photography too seriously and shoot mainly in daylight where the consumer lenses are OK, plus their end output might just be shared online and perhaps the odd print. Likewise a Nikon geek with a truckload of stuff might wanna chill on travel and on their relaxing weekends and go and have some fun with it without getting too stressed with it.

    From my camera club, you get a few people who are more seriously with their photography but many more of them seeing as a fun activity to meet and greet people and have conversations and have a meal together afterwards. Many of them have crop sensor cameras and they don't have the 3 trio of 2.8 lenses or 1.4 lenses.

    I myself gotten a used Fuji XT1 a year ago more it is much lighter and smaller esp with the F2.0 primes or the kit lens. I would still agree with Shun to go with Fuji or even a M43 camera like some of my camera club members esp if they want longer reach and without breaking their backs and their wallets. Those brands have a lot more camera models and lenses to choose from. Maybe this is one way Nikon gets to tap into this customer type esp for those who don't intend to get all these lenses. Admittedly while some dSLRs at my club have moved from APS-C or FF dSLRs to Fuji or M43 the majority I think are still using a Canon / Nikon crop sensor dSLR that is 5 or more years old. Over here at least in NZ is the reality when you go and meet people in person, it's quite different from many website forums.
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  9. Sure. But it still is rather strange to bash a fine lemon curd cake because you were hoping for strawberry.
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  10. I'm surprised by the tiny size of the entrance pupil/lens of the 28mm lens. Looks a bit toy like compared to it's much faster cousin's.

    Lemon or strawberry? Interestingly, Nikon didn't go for yellow!

    Coral Pink looks a bit like a strawberry smoothie....:p
  11. Is there something wrong with using the multi-selector to change focus points? I never really migrated to the joystick. This is probably because the multi-controller functionality has stayed the same across generations of cameras.

    On another forum it was pointed out that the Z fc has no port for MC-DC2 so remote control is via mobile phone, no cable release. This moves me into the disappointed category. Snapbridge started as hopeless but it has improved over time and is usable now, but setting it up and remote triggering the camera is quite a complicated process compared to using a cable release.
  12. The lens has quite a lot of large elements towards its rear, though.


    Compared to AF 28mm f/2.8D:

  13. Thanks Ilkka, that's interesting!

    Completely different design schematic.

    Are there many other small to big element wise lenses? Not sure I'd seen that type before; most slow lenses are a bit more symmetrical.

    Is this the first design that leverages the much bigger throat diameter of the Z mount?
  14. It's all I expected but none that I wanted.
  15. MM The price is not bad, but this is without FT-Z adapter, so you would need to add that i think..
  16. Nice for those who want it, but not for me.
  17. Would be better without Auto Focus all together .... :cool:
    Still no "Rangefinder" i would say ;)
  18. I am wondering how would you incorporate a rangefinder to work with the Z lenses? It would be cool to have a retro based on the Nikon SP.
  19. Conceptually, an EFV can display anything you want, including exactly what you'd see with a true RF camera.
  20. I'm actually starting to like the thing. Could use some small, made of metal lenses.

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