Nikon Announce Retro DX Z Body, Z fc, with Retro Lenses

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. The new Z-DX18-140mm 3.5/6.3 has 'lost' 1/3 stop form the previous F-DX 18-140mm 3.5/5.6.

    I wonder why?
  2. Oh how interesting: Vintage [convenient] dial controls blending with new technology. I liked it so much I asked my dealer to preorder it with the 16-50 lens. It would be fun to use it as a backup to my Z7ii instead of the Z6 which always sits in the bag. Unfortunately I had to cancel after a few minutes, after realizing that it uses a different battery - which would mean carrying a second set of batteries and charging system on the road. Need to think some more about it.
  3. Mary, i think i carry 6 or 7 different types of battery for the miscellaneous bits of equipment i might need. Though, yes, life could be easier if i would not need any batteries at all, i never ever considered those batteries a reason not to want a bit of equipment. What it can do, what it means to your 'workflow' and how it fits your preferences would appear many times more important.
    Just my opinion, of course.
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  4. .. and of course you can charge it via standard USB-C, so any powerbank will do.

    Better go cancel that cancel....:D
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  5. Well you know "the 1.8 is the new 1.4"; "Z mount allows in more light" (even when lens tests show the opposite: many F mount lenses vignette less than their Z mount cousins) ... o_O (Yes, that was intended as sarcasm.)

    Canon is going even with f/7.1 in some of their new zooms. I suppose they can be a bit smaller and lighter, then.
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  6. Right, USB charging should help manage a travel workflow when working with multiple cameras.

    I personally like EN-EL15 series batteries and would prefer to have that option, but I can understand that for some camera bodies, that battery might simply not fit inside. The Df also had that issue.
  7. Yes, I did think about that. I had used the USB-C with my Z7ii and it was super convenient and I loved it But it was for casual shoot. I am more thinking of an extended stretch of time with no access to electricity. Need to think about it more...
  8. Does that happen often anymore on this planet? and what does extended stretch mean these days?

    What with every car having 12v outlets and solar panels for such relatively small amounts of power are like 3 x 10x8 (or A4) foldable panels
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  9. Yes Mike, it happens at the exact time when you need something. :D
  10. I prefer the lightest combo and simplest yet effective workflow. The bag is heavy enough even after streamlining (though lighter than some previous arrangements). The basics of last were two cameras (Z7ii and Z6) that use the same lenses (14-24, 24-200, 70-200 + 1.4x and 2.0x) and accessories such as batteries and charger, filters, remote control, a few extra camera/lens caps, memory cards in a light small pouch, 3.5- 4lb laptop with mouse (always like to use a mouse), light external drive with attached cable, 1 microfiber cloth, lens wipes, passport, credit cards and some cash... all in a suitable bag that is the lightest I have, and CF tripod.

    So, I thought this was nicely done. Then my filial daughter ;) who carried my bag to the car last week offered this comment: "Mom, seriously, why are you doing this to yourself?"

    That's why, unlike most of you folks, I wish Nikon would make everything in plastic. ;)
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  11. Nikon. Leading from behind again? Fujifilm dropped the X-T1 in 2014. Shun's comment about the purses and shoes?
  12. Dx is a deal breaker for me. I shoot with a FM2n regularly. If it were FX I might consider it.
  13. If you can power a 4lb laptop, you can feed a couple of batteries.....:)
  14. I would reduce weight by leaving out the laptop. It's not needed when I'm shooting outside of the studio.

    I do wonder how long it will take to make mirrorless cameras that can be used (nearly) continuously for a whole day on one battery charge. Or will it simply never happen?
  15. Yes to what Ilkka said. Divide the equipment in things you need for a particular photo (or series), things that come along for what you might do the following day, and the base camp only stuff, such as laptops. When on a trip and out shooting, you don't carry all of your spare clothes and shoes, toiletries etc. too. So leave your laptop, chargers etc. along with the 'do not need this now' bits and bobs at base camp.

    And re computers: on long trips i do bring a small laptop along. As image bank and (p)review utility. And to communicate. You do not need a large heavy laptop. A small netbook or laptop from the days before big was the rage will do fine. Really.
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  16. The Z5 seem like a much better package for around the same price.
  17. You can say the D850 seems like a much better package for around the same price (sometimes even less) compared to the Df.
  18. I do not understand why the negativity. If such a camera is not for you, fine! Do not get one. No need to moan and complain about it.
  19. Disappointment...
  20. Did someone promise you something you now did not get?

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