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  1. i have decided to buy a Nikon analogic 35mm but before to buy i'd know if can use these lens on it:

    - Nikkor 24mm AF f/2.8

    - Nikkor 50mm AF 1.4 D

    - Nikkor 35mm AF 2.0 D

    - Nikkor 70-200mm ED IF AF-S VR f/2.8G

    - Nikon Teleconverter AF-S TC-14EII.

    thank you in advance

  2. Well, it depends on what you mean by ANALOGIC camera. If you mean SLRs, yeah! They will work. I think the AF-S type
    of lenses, the AF-S system (they will auto-focus) will only work on the latest cameras like F4, F5, F6 and F100. The G
    lenses you need a camera that has an aperture control dial on the camera. Maybe it would be easier if you tell what camera
    you want to buy so we can tell you what those lenses can or can not do on the camera. Rene'
  3. There are so many variations, what camera are you actually buying?
  4. thank you Rene' and Walt,

    i would buy a camera that can permit me to use all or many of these lens.
  5. The 4 cameras I mentioned will do! Many people recommend the F100.
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    Federico, could ask your question again? If you are going to buy a camera that can use all of those lenses, it doesn't seem to make sense to ask whether you can use those lenses on it.

    Nikon does not made the distinction between so called analogue and digital lenses. Pretty much each one of their lenses can be used on both. There are DX lenses designed for the smaller 16x24mm DX sensor; that is a format not used by any film camera. Still, those lenses can be used on 35mm film cameras but with serious vignetting in many cases.
  7. Sorry! I am not so sure if you can use AF-S lenses on an F4, some one will clarify it.
  8. thanks to all.

    if i have understood, f5 f6 and f100 works right. vignettings will for lens build for dx sensors.
  9. I believe AF-S works on the F4, but not VR, so you wouldn't get the full benefit of the 70-200. The other three
    cameras also have much better AF in general. The F6 is still rather expensive, even secondhand. The F5 is very
    large and heavy. I'd say go for the F100 (now incredibly cheap secondhand for what it is) unless you have a
    particular need for one of the features it lacks (interchangeable finders, mirror lock-up, etc.). You might also
    want to wait a little bit to see if there's any truth in the rumour that a new version of the 70-200 may be
    released at Photokina.
  10. thanks Richard

    i have find secondhand F100 in very good condition at 300 euro around. i go in this direction.

    thanks to all.
  11. ShunCheung

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    For the record, the F4 does drive AF-S lenses to auto focus.
  12. You are somewhat limited in the selection of cameras that will work with both AFS and standard AF lenses. The 70-200 VR is a "G" lens which has no aperture ring. You need a camera with command dials in order to set the aperture, mostly cameras less than 8 years old. Of these lenses, the TC14EII will only work with the 70-200 VR.

    The F100 is an highly effective camera which will work with all the lenses you mention and more (including AIS manual lenses), and can be had used for $300 or less. AFIK, the Nikon F6 ($2000) is the only new film camera compatible with your lens selections.
  13. ShunCheung

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    Edward, there are not very many Nikon film SLRs that are still available new, namely the very expensive F6 and the very cheap FM10. However, quite a few SLRs are fully compatible with all of those lenses such as the F5, F100, F80, F75, etc. and some are partially compatible (i.e. no A or M exposure modes, no VR) such as the F5F4, F801, F90, etc. The majority of film SLRs are very affordable in the used market, except for a few that have become collectors items.
  14. Shun, I don't know how to tell you this, but, I think you mis-typed a couple things there, you gotta love the 'oops' typos, lol.

    The F5, and it's little brother F100, both will use AF-S, both accept virtually all F mount lenses, both have P, S, A, and M modes, and both can handle VR. I know this because I still use my F100, a family member still has thier F5, both of use use VR on them. Yes I use it a lot, for b&w shots that there isn't time to grab a tripod, such as children or pets doing something you'd want to photograph.

    I don't know much about the other film cameras from nikon, I do know the F4 will handle AF-S lenses. I also know that you don't want to use any DX lens on the film cameras, causes a lot of vignett. I've also noticed that when I use my Tameron 70-300mm, the lens is slowwwww to focus, actually quicker to manually focus, last third party lens I'll ever own.

    With a little research thru ebay, b&h, adorama, etc, you can find accessories for the F100, F5, and F6. Somethings you might want to look for in the name of the F100 and F5, get a data back for inprinting film with date and time of exposure (with the F6 you can add gps location), get a thumb release. All those cameras are great, will last many years, and can handle the weather and being banged around-they're built like tanks.

    Happy Hunting
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    Jerald, sorry I had exactly one typo. The 2nd time I mentioned the F5 it should have been the F4: that you can only use G lenses on the F4, F801 (N8008) and F90 (N90) in the P or S exposure modes, not M or A.
  16. I figured that Shun, just picking on you a little, I have those type of typos a lot and don't catch them till it's too late.. Didn't mean anything harsh.. And, you're correct!
  17. here is a compatibility list:

    -- Stan.

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